As per my super excited INSTAGRAM post, I was very grateful for a quick #NYFW chat with E! News correspondent, Catt Sadler. Catt began as the emcee for the Indiana Pacers and I've been intrigued with her career/success ever since I became the Host of the Brooklyn Nets. I asked her how was she able to leverage her position as an NBA Host/Emcee to one of the most recognizable correspondents on E! News. She explained how she moved from LA to Indiana a few times to work as a freelancer at local news stations.With this type of movement she was able to establish professional connections. It was after moving to LA for the second time where she received the offer to join the E! News family.  She highlighted that while social media was not as accessible during her early career, it is important to be active. She, went on to say, that most producers are looking for talent who can create and produce their own content; which is why some bloggers are so successful.

She emphasized the demand for talent who is multifaceted: They can create, design, and produce. Catt's producer chimed in to reassure me that posting personal videos on youtube or my blog would be a step in the right direction. He pointed out that while the posts don't have to be professional, having good sound and good lighting does go a long way.

This 12 minute conversation was clarity around some of the things I have been struggling with. I battled with myself for the past 2 years on whether I should create a blog or if I should just leave it to the great bloggers. After this chat, what I came to realize is that it is not about who does or doesn't visit my blog. It's about the learning experience. It is about me positioning myself, virtually, for those who are seeking to find someone like me. Put the work in and the opportunity set will expand.  I would like to send a special thanks to Catt Sadler (and Catt's E! producer) for the chat.


Here's a link with more of Catt's advice on TheMuse.