So each week I stare Monday in the face and, with little thought, jump right in. With Thursdays sometime called the new Fridays, I find that we tend to treat it as such. We finish up Thursday feeling pretty good about ourselves, we might even go out for drinks because its almost the weekend. Friday morning hits and we drudge through the day. We try to just get by, hoping the hours pass quickly.

This behavior never allows us to complete the work week as a winner. Summing up the work we did the last few days to sub-par.Since you're probably an ambitious person, you don't work hard just to come close to the finish line. You finish and you finish strong.

So this Friday, lets decided to FINISH STRONG. Whatever project, meeting, or work-week objective you have, instead of counting down the hours to the weekend, utilizing them to produce a product that you can be proud of. Imagine your work week is a sports game. Fridays would mean you're in the bottom of the 4th quarter, 9th inning, or  3rd period, and all you need to do is play your position to guarantee the win. Don't be the player to fake an injury to sit the game out because you celebrated too early. Put your game face on and play hard; FINISH STRONG.

And whatever day you're reading this post, commit to starting right away. You don't have to decide on a Monday to FINISH STRONG on a Friday. You can start now. Let's Go!