So me and my girls were talking football and then we got into the time honored tradition of tailgating. Naturally from there we got into tailgating outfits, which frankly none of us had spent much time thinking about. Whether you're an avid tailgater or tailgater novice, you're not alone in wanting to make your tailgate experience not limited to just jeans, beers and jerseys. Before we get into some tailgating kit ideas, here are some tailgating faux pas.  Big purses- while they can dress up a look, they have no place at tailgating. Its difficult to get into most arenas with large to medium size bags. This will only slow you and your crew down, since you would have to go check it. That would be a real buzz kill to the crew who's chanting "We Ready!" If your pockets can't hold your chapstick/lip-gloss, tickets, small wallet and cellphone, then a mini cross body purse will do just fine.

Also, keep in mind that being able to jump up and down, high five, and do your TD dance is kind of the point. So it would help if you weren't wearing something too restricting.  You want to look fashionable, fun, and, most importantly, like you're there to support your team.

TAILGATING LOOKS: feel free to post your tailgating looks in the comment section below and for more tailgating looks go to my MY PINTEREST PAGE.