imageI can admit, sometimes Mondays are no walk in the park. Its challenging to get back into the hustle and flow. And as much as I believe that its important for me to start my week off strong, I can become victim to the snooze button, warm sheets, and delayed train excuses. But I have been practicing something new in the mornings. I silence my mind. It's my new Monday thing.

I give myself no time to think about what I have that day, what workout I need to do in the morning; I don't even say anything motivating to myself. I've noticed that once I start a dialogue in this head of mine I can end up talking myself out of all the things that will kick start my week right. I even say the "sleeping-in now is better than working out because you can always do it later" line to myself, knowing that has a 10% chance of really happening. Lately, I've been getting out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off, this is a non-negotiable, giving little thought to how I'm feeling that morning (I check in with myself once I'm dressed), and getting dressed immediately. This practice helps me to spring-into-action and get my day started without delay.

My new "Looking at Monday like..." post on instagram are reminders that Mondays no longer have the upper hand. I own Mondays now, Im calling it.

Whether it's hitting the pavement, running to the gym, gearing up for a meeting, or just getting to work on time, achieving these things effortlessly and efficiently, is the goal. Join me in not letting Mondays, or any morning,  get the best of you.

It's Monday let's spring-into-action!

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