Obama-610x354Yesterday marked a special day. Barack Obama sat courtside to see his home team, Chicago Bulls, win 97-95 over last season's NBA finals contender, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Craig Sager corresponded for the Warriors -Pelicans game, where Stephen Curry poured 40 points into the 111-95 defeat over The Big Easy. And the Pistons took the Hawks, 106-94. Its a new season and Basketball starts NOW! CSX2quFXAAA1VYg Preseason was fun but that was just warm ups. Most of the fans and, often, the teams are just getting their feet wet, working out the kinks, and planning the season. It's that awkward week in October where the countdown concludes and the ball drops, naming a NBA new year and a clean slate. This are no more celebrations for the previous champions. The dog fight to the ring starts all over again.

Tonight I return to Brooklyn for my 4th season as In-Arena Host for the Nets. The Nets kicks off their season opener facing the POTUS' Bulls. While the Prez may not be in the building, I'm looking forward to seeing our fans, season ticket holders and Nets novices, at Barclays Center bringing the energy tonight.wpid-img_5908-2.jpg

I have a special affinity towards the BKNets because before my move into hosting, I was a part of the team across the bridge. After retiring my Knick City Dancer one piece, and a few hosting classes in the off season, I moved into Barclays Center where my voice has been heard at home games for the past 4 seasons. I have fallen in love with entertaining live in front of 20K fans during the 41 home games + playoffs. And tonight its starts again.

Just like the players, I'm motivated to give the fans a dynamic game to watch. While I may not be able to score buckets, I do affect the fan-experience through activations, interviews, video segments, free giveaways, and a rare opportunity to have them ball on the wood-grain.brooklyn_nets_logo_detail_secondary

And just like the New Year on January 1st, my NBA resolution on the court is to work on my passing. Since energy is infectious, passing my big game-time energy to every fan in our arena will be my objective. And off the court, showing love to our fans because Brooklyn has ALWAYS shown me Love. I'm focused and game ready!

And for all those reading this, please don't hesitate to wave and say hello at the games, on Twitter, on Istagram or in the comment sections below. Love Loves the Love!!!

Happy NBA New Year -Love, Love