Ever come home after a workout or long run and you're starving. All you can think about is feeding the beast, the relentless growling stomach. You look for something quick and easy because, let's admit it, you're exhausted. You pick up the first thing see on the counter and put into your mouth. A few moments before swallowing you realize you just consumed most of the calories you just worked off. While it is important to eat post workout, what's more important is what you eat.Here is a quick and easy way to make sure you go for the "right" things.

Since during the work week my schedule can be jammed, I have dedicated my off days to picking up fruit from my local fruit cart or market then scanning my fridge for any other fruit that may have rolled to the back. I cut ALL fruit and store them by type in sealed containers. I like to use glass containers because they seem to seal tighter making the fruit last a few extra days, but you can use whatever is available.

This makes it less tempting to grab the already made pack of cookies on the counter and, instead, reach for vitamin-filled fresh fruit. I usually pair my fruit with mixed nuts. The mixed nuts are nothing fancy, I grab a huge pack from Duane Reade or Trader Joes. Nuts are a healthy source of protein. During workouts your body experiences some wear and tear. Having protein, post workout, allows amino acids into the muscle fibers to help them repair and rebuild.

If you usually do your workouts on the go, then bagging up your fruit the night before makes it quick and easy to grab and go. Sometimes I find it pretty delicious to throw the mix nuts and fruits in the same ziploc. This creates a sweet and savory mix. The juices from the fruit also helps soften the nuts allowing for easier digestion.Give it a go yo, and let me know.

Happy Snackin', Love