"Finding a few great pairs of running shoes is like finding a few great friends."

 HNl0w-IpPAFPMGy9WxV7-11mx2sRCvXBTreuI4l6C2g What's up Love Squad! A year ago, fairly new to running, I did the forbidden. A race faux pas. I switched to a new running shoe a week before my first half marathon. Even though, I was advised that this was a terrible idea, I knew that my knees wouldn't last 13.1 miles because my current shoes gnS9skU7tiyStbuGuK6iPHPtOofyTsSTwWrj-GZp198save no support. I went to Jack Rabbit for stride analysis and purchased a pair recommended by the store experts. On race day my forbidden kicks carried me 13.1 miles and further with a few races that followed. While I have a good relationship these shoes, the thought of switching it up every so often has crossed my mind, but only when I consider trying to be more stylish. Truth be told, my running shoes, as functional as they may be, look very similar to orthotics. But, for me, functionality supersedes style when it comes to running.mO4PwPvGbncYAMtfyrM_DgbNXWBz20MxfuWctLRw2W0 So when adidas invited me to wear their new Ultra Boost running shoe for a 5K Energy run around New York City, I was a bit nervous- resistant even. Experiencing a bad run can cause physical set back. The 5k run consisted of fitness editors and bloggers chasing the sounds of the city at night. When the race was completed, the shoes did what they were set out to do, perform. However, since I wasn't sure if it was the high from the electric running trail that left me feeling fine, a few days later I took the Ultra Boost for another test ride. I was impressed. These shoes are a hybrid of style and functionality.9r4J9TBGyl56roBhyGWvMk-EyqqOk_e-t9AocTPhhLs,m4Egm7FWJ00JcCUbb8OMb8RR5mXrIA1fasOlAFa8IEc It's woven technology creates flexibility, breathability and accommodates natural foot swelling. Their signature 3 stripe placement gives arch support and the cushion in the sole helps with striking recovery. The Ultra Boost Reflective shoes are even equipped with reflective properties in the woven fabric for visibility during night runs. These features are tailored into a sleek appearance, giving a shoe made for runners a face lift. Athleisure, a common term used to describe athletic wear used as everyday wear, is real and a part of my day to day. Having shoes that keep my body pain free, gives me an extra bounce in my stride, and that I can style with jeans and a tank is #AllyLoveApproved.

If you're a runner like me who is looking for another shoe to add into your run rotation, try Ultra Boost. Let me know how they run in the comment section below.