wpid-wp-1448909425253.jpeg What's up Love Squad! Last week, I had a conversation with some girlfriends and they asked me how I had so much energy all the time. The irony was that I had been feeling much more tired lately. Living in the Northeast, like clockwork, I hit a wall when the winter brings on its prickly low digit degrees. I feel less motivated to get up to get my workout in early-hiding under my covers as if the world is coming to an end. I begin to run late to work, castings, and meetings. I even feel less creative. So when my girlfriends were paying homage to my vibrant longevity, I had to really take a look at myself. What have I really been feeling? What am I missing?wpid-wp-1448909442814.jpeg

I concluded that its all been mental. My mood changed with the season and I stopped giving myself the credit I needed or deserved. My body and mind work hard to produce at a high level daily. Since I've been feeling uncomfortable, I started to view my product through a negative lens. I discredited myself and my work. This has been my routine and I'm just realizing it. While I'm happy to have had this epiphany, it's a bit scary. I've missed this behavior for quite sometime, at least the years I've lived in New York City. However, I'm ready to stop this cycle.The winter isn't something that I should get hung up on, it isn't a season to dread, and it definitely isn't the time to get down on myself. I've declared this to be my season of self affirmation, self appreciation, and gratitude.

I know there will be times that I will be tired, cold, and uncomfortable. Ultimately, I am going to do what I have been set on this earth to do. I am going to LOVE--love myself through every season, every lesson, and every THING.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, let me know in the comment section below. Let's do this together. And if you're not facing the winter-monster but just in a funk, then I hope you find something in this post too.