Stephen curry, who has been casually dubbed Steph-Curry-With-The-Shot from a popular drake song (and by me after watching him play), is more than a great basketball player, he is a marketing genius.

This past weekend, I went to New Orleans where the Pelicans hosted the Golden State Warriors.  I witnessed part 1 of the Splash Brothers up close and personal.While the Warriors have played at Barclays Center, most times I find it complicated to watch the game completely since I'm working. This away game gave me that opportunity.

At the Smoothie King Arena on Saturday evening, Steph-Curry-With-The-Shot put up 53 points to lead Golden State to the win 134-120, and did so while teaching the fans something special:

Being great doesn't always mean you're the best at everything, you just need to be the best at ONE thing. stephen-curry-video-warriors-pelicans

Steph-Curry-With-The-Shot  is everything his new name says, he possesses the unique ability to throw up high arcing 3 pointers, no matter the pace of the game, and score. He is a 3 point specialist- at best and, most importantly, he is consistent. At 6'3 he has established this as his trademark and perfected it. He has marketed his game on numbers. This is not to discount that he is a good ball player, but it is to highlight how he has made the game work for him.

He may have come in as the 15th draft pick of 2009, but as of 2015 he is a NBA Champ.And this concept is applicable to life. No matter what discipline or line of work you're in, finding the one thing you're good at and doing it consistently can make you indispensable- it sets you up to be the best.


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