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When it comes to getting my workout on, I enjoy it more when its in a room with a bunch of strangers. I know that sounds a bit weird but as a dancer, I'm accustom to sweating it up with other people, and if you think about it, that's exactly the atmosphere of many group fitness classes.

When SELF and adidas invited me to an early morning workout with Bravo’s Lindsey Clayton, it was only natural to say yes.



After witnessing the group before me, I knew two things: Lindsey had a peppy personality and this workout was going to make me get down and dirty. Feeling ready to test my endurance–decked out in the latest adidas performance gear– I chose a mat in the middle of the adidas SoHo store .

With my friend and fav DJ, Brittany Sky, on the 1's and 2's, I was still feeling optimistic that this was the best way to spend my Sunday morning.

I sang my way through inch-worm push ups, took deep breaths through deadlift leg kicks with an over head press, and mountain climbed to the beat of Justin Bieber's What Do You Mean?. As I held my final one minute plank, I realized that working out with a group of strangers meant more than just having a body party. Its about a group of people overcoming something together.

Completing 45 minutes of weights and cardio with 30 other fitties, was bigger than keeping in shape. During the time on our mats we all had one goal– it was to finish. We encouraged one another. And while each person had their way of getting through the workout, whether it was a few grunts, screams, or high fives -the point was that we made it through–together.


I was surrounded by people I barely had spoken to and, most likely, may never see again, but somehow through the energy of fitness they became my teammates. There was a sense of responsibility in group workouts that I hadn't recognized prior. They were helping me to finish strong and I was doing the same.

I admit that some days I go on workout auto pilot but this experience provided greater insight to what a workout class represents. Its never really a party when its only one, so its a big deal to preform at your best and party with the team.

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