wpid-2015-12-01-11.27.14.png.pngWhat's up Love Squad! As a woman in sports lifestyle, I realized that its important to always walk with confidence. That also means that whats on your feet makes a statement. Jordan made his J's pretty popular. Fans are always interested in what kicks the hottest or local athlete is wearing. And to just bring it back to the streets, people get pretty vexed when someone steps on their kicks. The way you walk and what you walk in demonstrates confidence and integrity. The way to keep your head high is to be on your feet.

wpid-2015-12-01-11.27.48.png.png wpid-2015-12-02-11.06.37.png.png

wpid-2015-12-02-11.07.11.png.pngThis is not to say that you have to run out to spend all your money on shoes nor does it mean that the cost of your footwear determine your worth. However, you're walking art, expensive art given all the love you possess. Why not walk with a statement---on your feet. You can take chances, go bold, go loud, or just do you. This is also a great way to change up your style.wpid-2015-12-01-11.29.20.png.png

wpid-2015-12-01-11.28.42.png.pngwpid-2015-12-01-11.46.05.jpg.jpeg    So when it comes to shoes, I do post plenty kicks. I love them- #KicksObsession. I do so because after work, when I take off my heels- which I love too- okayyy #ShoeObsession, I think its still important and pretty rebel, to pop on shoes that further express my personality. Here are some cool kicks I came across on my daily tread of my INSTA. Share your favs in the comment section below.wpid-2015-12-01-11.50.22.png.png


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