DSALAFIA_reebok_ny_dance-885We're all culprits of wearing makeup to the gym. Whether you're the girl with a full beat, someone who never leaves home without mascara, or just the girl on-the-go who's trying to catch her class. Makeup is a part of your workout routine. I, too, will rush to Modo Yoga for a lunch time flow wearing makeup from my morning job.With no time to clean my face before class, Ill walk out of the room with stinging, burning black eyes –that kind of looks like I was in a street fight– and a bronzer filled towel. From experience, makeup and sweat are like oil and water –just don't mix.

The real question is, How do you maintain healthy skin when you're constantly sweating it up? 

I got tired of the fuss and confusion so I decided to reach out to a friend and Beauty Expert for some advice.

Julia Dalton-Brush, is a Makeup Artist, Beauty Consultant, and Founder of Brush Beauty. Julia is known for her ability to create natural looks while emphasizing each client’s unique features and beauty and has experience in working with many sports clients and fitness models. arcona-triad-toner-pads-review

Since I usually use makeup wipes for most things, naturally I asked her if that was the best way sweaty girls can remove makeup. "I know how easy a makeup wipe can be, but generally, they just aren’t great for your skin.  That being said, I am a huge fan of Arcona Triad Pads.  It is a Cranberry toner in cotton pad form.  Where a lot of makeup wipes will dry your skin out - these pads cleanse, hydrate and infuse [your skin] with protective antioxidants," said Julia.

With concerns that I was harming my skin more than I realized, I followed up by asking what moisturizers were best, pre and post workout. "My favorite face moisturizers, always, are from Embryolisse. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentraté or Émulsion Hydra-Mat.The Lait-Crème Concentraté protects the skin and gives it all the nutrients and water it needs, it hy-hydra_mat_1is an amazingly light weight.  I also use this product for removing my makeup with cotton rounds.  The Hydra-Mat–a cool gelled texture– absorbs excess oil, reduces shine and tones the skin with apricot oil.  This is my personal favorite."hy-lcc_new_30ml_500px

And for the body, Julia admitted to being a fan of Cocoa Butter Gel. Cocoa Butter, found at most local pharmacies, absorbs into the skin beautifully, is non-greasy during workouts, and leaves a light sheen.
As for her most important beauty workout tip, Julia advised that its best to go makeup-commando to the gym, when you can. "Makeup, especially foundation, will clog your pores and can end up giving you really bad breakouts."  If you must must must wear something, she said "use a waterproof mascara so your eyes pop and don’t end up getting runny, looking like you’ve been crying all day."
Everyone has different skin, and different makeup techniques. Julia's tips have really changed my approach to my makeup & sweat routine. With these new tips, even when I revert back to my old habits of being the smudged-face girl (literally) holding a plank, my skin doesn't freak out. The better care I take of my skin pre and post workouts, the healthier it looks–even during season changes.
 Julie was kind of enough to spread her love, so make sure you do the same. Try these tips, and if you love them, please tell us about it in the comment section below. SS16_Salafia_reebok_ny_dance_1454
 Photos by David Salafia