launch_0130.jpegYesterday in Santa Monica, adidas launched their PureBoost X campaign. A performance running shoe made specifically for women.As the running video was unveiled, I felt proud to be one of the 35 women in attendance, not to mention, being featured in the campaign. When the "I am Positive Energy" scrolled across my face, I was reminded why I am devoted to a fit and healthy lifestyle– a Love Lifestyle–because its contagious.


When we shot the ad, I expected to run through the streets of Miami, but what I didn't expect was the amount of energy, inclusiveness, and camraderie I would experience. From the brand team to the models, shooting the #PureBoostX campaign gave me greater perspective and respect for adidas.

They, just like me, believe that everyday women are athletes. Mileage doesn't define you. Time isn't a factor. adidas is a brand that embodies its mission, giving support to everyday athletes to create their own paths.This is important because these days, in the health and fitness space, honesty seems to be compromised by vanity. Photos can be deceiving, testimonies paid for, employees aren't buying what they're selling and brands are often just chasing the trends.

For me, training goes well beyond the superficial. The real reward is being an inspiration to others. It's a privilege to charge up and then pass that energy on. adidas gets this–adidas gets US. All of this goodness is packaged in this "perfect pair of jeans but for your feet" shoe.img_4970.jpeg

These kicks are sleek and stylish with a first-of-its-kind floating arch. It's a shoe for normal runners, meaning you can run distances or sport them for performance workouts. The base of the shoe is the same as the popular Boost, offering controlled cushion. They will also be released in 2 other colors, one including an exclusive Stella McCarthy print.

Try these new kicks and let's run like a girl, together.


launch_0014.jpeg  launch-b_0213.jpeglaunch_0386.jpeg img_4920.jpeg