RyODBqeDoD6MrxWL8P1Ly-QwebbUq2CE Growing up, sports was a big deal at home. My mom was a high school and college athlete so our TV was locked to Basketball, Tennis, and whenever my mom left the remote free, my dad had it on Football. After moving to New York City, I was exposed to Soccer. Now my Saturday mornings are spent screaming gooooaal. F2-M

This past summer, I hosted my first soccer event for adidas, the FC Harlem, and the Chelsea Football Club. Before the boys in blue made their debut, I got to share the pitch with 2 guys who introduced me to futbol–Freestyle.The F2 FreeStylers: Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch.

These London gents performed football tricks, skills, and synchronized routines for the crowd's enjoyment. While they transitioned seamlessly from ball kicks, drag and pulls, and timely kick-catches, it was then I realized that this was more than a show of two great athletes.


These guys were perfectionist. They worked daily to move in harmony– synchronized to particulars without missing a beat –all while giving the sport a performance art quality. Their individual bodies became indistinguishable and it was like watching the same person just moving quickly. They made it look easy. But I can reassure you after giving a few of those tricks a go in front of the crowd, it was unbelievably tough.

These world famous teckers {technique connoisseurs} tangibly defined teamwork with street freestyle futbol. What's also pretty dope about these guys is that they created a space for themselves in a sport they love. They found an aspect of futbol and put tremendous time and effort into branding it.

With 2 million Youtube subscribers and a million plus Instagram followers, they highlight precision, adroitness, talent, and pure love for the sport. By owning this space for themselves they are as popular as many of the big name futbolistas– and for their technique–even more so.

Having this experience, and introduction, to Futbol-Freestyle made soccer even more enjoyable for me. I watch the pitch to see what fancy footwork players pull out, and of course, I can't get enough of these guys in their social media vids.

If you're a soccer lover– or just looking for something phenomenal to watch– head over to their social pages and check them out. Make sure you leave a little Love in the comment section below.

They are definitely #AllyLoveApproved.