Xd8LiOzg24wK9klreAFGa6QU2Z1TzthwgquJHERbIhIWe all have fitness goals we would like to achieve. But sometimes we create goals that can be way too big to execute– especially when most of us want to see fast results. Basically, when it comes to our fitness we set ourselves up for failure before we even start. We aren't saying not to dream big–we encourage that. However, realistic goal setting will increase progress with fewer setbacks.

So what does it mean to set realistic fitness goals? Well, we're glad you've asked. First, identify what you want. It can be anything from cooking healthier, losing weight, toning up, or just being consistent in your workouts. Once you have identified your goal, next is to create a plan.

Here is where it can get messy. If your goal is to lose weight for example, you don't want to try to achieve your end goal immediately because we all know things don't happen overnight. And when you want something so badly, short periods of time without noticeable change can seem like an eternity - we are wired impatiently. In order to prevent this, set small targets to better evaluate the progress.

Each month set a small achievable number–like losing 2 pounds. By the end of the year you would have lost between 24-30 pounds, which is a big deal! 2 seems like a small number and, usually, we are less afraid of small things (unless they are small scary creatures like snakes!).  Small tasks come with less anxiety, more stability, and lower chances of falling off the wagon.

Setting a realistic objective means that you have to be honest with what you can do during the process. It's hard to completely change your life/behaviors in one deep breath. You want to make mindful decisions that account for flexibility and human error. That's being realistic.

Even the most disciplined person can be tempted by distraction and can have setbacks. That doesn't define them, it makes them human. Its getting back on track and starting over as many times as needed that makes reaching the finish line possible.

So remember, mini intentions will help you reach your main goal. And if you need more structure, keep in mind that a goal can be broken down further– into daily objectives. A part of being realistic is being honest. Know what you need to do to make sure you stay the course, then write it down, speak it out loud, become accountable, and handle your business.

When times get tough–because they will– remember to call for support from your#LoveSquad.

Fitness goals are pretty amazing and 100% achievable for everyone, even you reading this! Lets reevaluate your plan and make it realistic–full proof, that it can even withstand your own personal booby traps.

If you need specific directions on how to make your fitness goals full proof, use the comment section below to hit us up!



Photos courtesy of Refinary29