SS16_Salafia_reebok_ny_dance-930I must admit, the start of this new year hasn't been a walk in the park. Although, I felt like I finished 2015 strong, I didnt spring into 2016 like I'd wish. In a few conversations about how the new year started, I've heard– "I've hit the ground running" quite a few times. I've hit the ground alright, I'm just walking instead of running. In the mist of this slow down, I have been wrecking my brain on the best way to attack the problem. To be quite frank, there is a little part of me that doesn't think that this "slow down" is actually a problem. It's more of my body telling me that I need to just slow down. Either way, in the efforts to have a plan when I'm ready to make moves, I was inspired by a shoot I did a few months ago.SS16_Salafia_reebok_ny_dance-794

It's pretty rare that I have the opportunity to do photo shoots with long time friends. So when Reebok reached out to put together this #GirlPower photo fest, of course I said yes. I spent the day dancing full out {as dancer's say} with a friend of 10 years-and old dance crew partner & current powerhouse soul-cycle instructor, Emma Lovewell. Love and Lovewell, was our hashtag. Not as famous or newsworthy as when TSwift and Gigi Hadid hang out, but for us this was a big deal.

You see there's nothing like meeting up with your girlfriends and getting sweaty together. Not only is it fun but it's also a way to bond while getting in shape.  SS16_Salafia_reebok_ny_dance-889 SS16_Salafia_reebok_ny_dance-763

That day we danced, sweated, took haute/hot photos, and just laughed together. And here laid the answer I'd been searching for. The solve to my slow walking, non-hitting-the-ground, un-sprung Kelly & Nelly aka dilemma. {in case I confused you it's a reference to their song Dilemma haha}

It was time to call in the #LoveSquad. I've notice that having a partner with me at Barry's Bootcamp, to run with, or holding chair pose next to me at Modo Yoga really makes a difference in my approach. I'm held accountable; expected to be reliable. I even felt encouraged. As much as you we try our best to stay motivated, in reality, its tough. However, I've learned that having a workout buddy can change that.SS16_Salafia_reebok_ny_dance-866

It was basically like reconnecting the dots. The #LoveSquad is for people like me. The everyday girl who sometimes needs motivation and a friend to call on. Great things are never built by a party of one. It takes a collective- an inclusive collective.

Since today is Valentine's Day this message is even more important. We all can get caught up feeling slow, alone, and sad about not having anyone to kiss like on the Expedia Hotel commercial. Well don't fret my friend, we are here for you! While I cannot promise a kiss, I am here if any of you who need Love today, send me a Snapchat:AllyLoveLove and I'll be there.

Shout outs to my #LoveSquad for holding me down and a special shout to all of you #LoveSquad{ers}.


Rep the movement by shopping the #LoveSquad Collective.