Boxing_0446ALB has a new obsession with an old workout–BOXING. Granted we know its been around for quite some time and its a go-to workout for many, but with the new craze around shadow boxing hitting the fitness scene, it motivated us to step into the ring. LA's The Stables in Santa Monica was just the place.

Cary Williams, former Olympic style boxer and Olympic level boxing coach, showed us how to bob and weave, hit a few combos on the bag, and, of course, the speed bag. At ALB we get excited about full body workouts. While muscle-specific classes work wonders, a full body class just makes us feel like we are getting more bang for our buck. And we, just like most of you, like a bargain.


The training was circuit style.

First the rope– a long lightweight rope that stretched the length of the space. Left foot in front at all times, we bobbed left to right coordinating upper cuts. Engaging the abs, this move had our obliques screaming.

Boxing_0141 Boxing_0144

Next up was the speed bag. What we QUICKLY came to realize is that this looks way easier on TV. More than coordination was needed to make sure the speed bag didn't reverb and hit us dead smack in the nose– that might have happened but lets keep that between us. Luckily, Cary counted us out to a steady four beat pause to manage consecutive hits with one hand. After two rounds of alternating hands, it was hard to believe that our arms had anything left. But they did.

 Boxing-B_0195  Boxing-B_0186 Boxing-B_0183

Boxing-B_0192The  bag was up– left jab, right hook, repeat and switch. Engaging the left quad, lifting the right heel, and hips loosely swinging right to left, created the perfect combo, according to Cary. She verbally cued a sparing sequence combining jabs, upper cuts, hooks, swings and shoulder rolls.

 Boxing_0443 Boxing_0440 Boxing_0362

Drenched in sweat and feeling like we got our butts kicked {because we did}, it was clear that this was a match made in heaven. Boxing took us outside of our studio routine working muscles we had neglected for a while. This is a workout we will do more often because like we said before– and we are proud to say it again–we are OBSESSED.


If you have a fav ring we should step into, please hit up the message box below.