Marion Bartoli may not ring a bell if you're new to tennis. But for us tennis lovers, we know exactly who she is. She was the underdog who dominated the 2013 Wimbledon to win her first and last major grand slam without dropping a set. Now, the recently retired Champ has ventured over to new competitive grounds-Fashion Design.

m_161_marion-b-headshots_1331.jpegToday, Marion launched her new tennis lifestyle collection with FILA. The bold patterns, textures, and assortment of blazers, skirts, dresses, and bomber jackets, didn't just fall into her lap. Marion received her degree in design from Central St. Martins in London and has been working fearlessly to compete in such a saturated sportswear market. Marion didn't want to just call herself a designer. She wanted to actually have proper training in order to speak to her development in this new phase of her life.

"People see the passion through what you do," said Marion when asked about her inspiration. She compared her new design career to her 15 year professional tennis career– it takes plenty of hardwork, practice, and preparation to compete on the main stage. She admits that she loves designing, and after loving tennis just as much, what better way to marry the two.


At age eight, Marion's parents asked her what she wanted for Christmas. Winning Wimbledon topped the list. In 2013, at 29 years old battling injuries, family problems, and a recent break up with her coach–who was here father– right before Wimbledon, this dream seemed impossible. She hadn't been able to win consecutive sets since the start of the year.

Her time was coming to an end, just like the health of her body. But through perseverance–and free time painting–Marion took to the great lawn and put her mantra to work. Passion rang her victorious against all odds.

And just like the time and effort it took for her to make her dream a reality, she is willing to do the same to produce a successful line of tennis wear for the next generation of 8 year olds pursuing their dreams. What better brand to have partnered these flamboyant prints with than FILA. The 105 year old company was the first to introduce color into the game of tennis on Bjorn Borg– with the All White Collection– that was everything but white.

The Trophie and Court Central Collections will be available in April to most major department stores and online retailers.


ALB is proud to share Marion's story because its empowering, uplifting, and encouraging. She also is adament to "keep moving forward" instead of fixating on the past.  You, too, can do it all! You just have to train hard no matter how many detours you face.

Marion welcome to the #LoveSquad.




Hair and Makeup: Julia Dalton-Brush

Photographer: Charlie Wang