First off, no one can hate a name like Sugary Six Pack! It's almost the best oxymoron and long age enigma but somehow Niki Klasnic has figured it out. Instagram Rockstar, Personal Trainer, Southern Stunner and all around amazing person, Niki is the founder of the Sugary Six Pack. Her conglomerate consist of a blog, HIIT workout E-Books, a Get Fit Guide, tons of quick workout videos on Instagram and YouTube, and plenty of sweet recipes. details

She began her social fitness venture to help her followers find practical, everyday workouts to reach their fitness goals, or to simply stay in shape. She jams out in her room, garage, front yard, or during her travels, on her hotel beds. She educates the everyday girl, like us, who can't always make the gym, on how to utilize their surrounding to get a quick workout.

We had the pleasure of meeting Niki in LA. Not only does she have a body of a Fitness Goddess but what we loved most about her was that she is true to her mission-authentic. She works hard to live her brand of  Building a Healthy Lifestyle that Last. What's even better is that while she maybe as sugary as they come her abs are not!

Those things were tough and bangin'. Basically, they're our fitness dream. So of course we had to ask the most obvious question: Does the Sugary Six Pack really exist? Can we eat sweets and still achieve Niki's flat abs?

Niki admits that she's always been crazy about candy and dessert, so when it came time to creating her viral presence she combined her two favs: Sugar and Six Pack. It was also an "attempt to make my sugar choices better or have healthier versions" said Niki.

While she doesn't guarantee that sugars will have a positive impact on your pack. What she does highlight is that you can indulge moderately but go for the most wholesome sweets you can find/create. She offers great alternative recipes to healtify your fav sugar sins.

Sugary Six Pack makes working out fun, easy, and honest. Niki is ALB Fit and is officially a part of our #LoveSquad!