Healthy choices can sometimes be difficult and, in certain cases, they're not always the most fun. They can consume us–from our workout, to meal selections, down to what we wear. Ice + Jam, a new lipstick brand, has made healthy choices easier, at least when it comes to our lips. Founded by besties, Jam Murphy and Ivy Mitcham, they created this company for those of us who have Lipstick Fever (like my fav Blogger and friend Emily of www.TheLipStickFever.com) or just want to jazz up our looks every so often.

Ice + Jam founders, Jam Murphy and Ivy Mitcham

When I was a little girl, I didn't grow up with my mom putting on makeup nor did she put a lot of effort accentuating her looks {she was a firm believer in natural beauty}. So I don't have the quintessential little-girl-and-mommy-makeup story. But what I do remember is one day my mom and I walked into a dollar store {those are the stores that has everything for a dollar} and I saw these racks of lipstick. My mom leaned over and said they were made with elephant fat. And that was enough from me to stay lipstick free for life-or at least for a long time until I found better options.

Whether that was true for that brand of lipstick, or not, what I have come to find out is that there are many unfriendly additives used to make, not just lipstick, but many cosmetics.  However, Ice +Jam has created lip wear that's sin harmful products. Their lip colors are not only bold and beautiful, they are 'ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE AND PARABEN FREE.'

They created colors that enhance all skin tones and 'creamy, colorful, buttery, demi-matte confections that are empowering.  They believe in individuality because ICE is a special product that plumps the lips using a secret natural irritant ingredient that combines with a unique, color-enhancing formula that fuses with your individual pH levels to reveal a different color on everyone.' While plumping and color effects occur almost immediately-within 90 seconds of application- they promise color will lasts about 3 hours.

We all have our go to lipstick brands, but just like shoes (especially running shoes) you can never have too many. And since ALB Loves to empower our Love Squad in all areas of life, we want to give you a chance to empower your lips. You can WIN A FREE Ice + Jam lip color of your choice, just follow the steps below.

Entry closes at midnight and ONE lucky winner will be announced tomorrow. Be sure to complete ALL steps!


Here's a chance for you to choose healthy lip care since you want to make sure your lips match the lifestyle you talk about.

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