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Valerie Beverly Hills, created by Valerie Sarnelle a Los Angeles Makeup artist, has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Allure, and now ALB. As an active collective that promotes healthy skin, what we put on our face is extremely important. In a previous post we stressed that wearing make up and working out isn't ideal, however we do want to prepare you for the times you just can't help it.  img_6872.jpg

Introduced to us through a great friend, Valerie Beverly Hills provides a flawless glam to street look and is conducive to your busy schedule of hitting the gym on-the-go without bad breakout. It was Love at first sweat. With luxurious mascaras, lightweight foundations and bronzers, primers, lipsticks, and liners, Valerie Beverly Hills has created products that are used by your favorite celebs but make them accessible and easy-to-apply to all of us.


One of the most common problems make-up users encounter is settling for foundation that doesn't match their tone. Understanding that the generic shades of a compact aren't for everyone, Valerie Beverly Hill created a foundation combo compact that allows mixing to create our unique color.

Another makeup faux pas is that your face should look highlighted not beat. What we mean by this is that while being "beat" is a compliment, let's keep in mind that that's for huge events when you'll be on camera or under heavy lights. Your everyday look should be easy, effortless. Valerie's bronzer is super lightweight making heavy quite impossible.

The product that kills the game– a MUST HAVE Valerie's Eye Mask. Throwing these bad boys in the fridge and popping them on as you get ready in the a.m, clean the house, work, before bed, literally at any time– will help hydrate, depuff, and eliminate bags. They are easy to travel with, and even better to use on a plane. If you're an eye-mask sleeper like some of us, then putting on Eyes under your mask will hydrate while you Zzz, especially on a plane where air can dry out your skin.




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