When we think about our Love Squad we think of all of you..Yes YOU reading this right now. We started this blog with the mission to figure out what a fitness and healthy lifestyle journey looks like from the perspective of real everyday people like us. jay_sullivan_photographer_133416.jpg

What we found is that this blog is more than just a platform of exploration, its a community. Here we found our Love Squad,  an inclusive collective geared towards a healthy lifestyle, with an objective to encourage, uplift, and motivate one another to reach fitness and lifestyle goals.

As an extension of and our Founder Ally Love, Love Squad is a community for those who deal with real life in real ways–needing support from others. We are not a "type", we look to rock out with all those that are willing to be pushed beyond their limits, and in the boldest way possible, to finish strong–and above all to just finish.


One of the ways we found to connect with you– since we don't have the opportunity to sweat together– is through our Love Squad Logo Tees. This apparel has united our movement, allowing us to represent each other no matter where we are in the world. Since the Squad is growing, we decided to expand your options and update our look.

Here are our new (and some oldies but goodies) tees.

We encourage you to pick up some Love Squad apparel, not just for yourself, but your roll dawg, your partner in crime, your workout buddy, your bestie, your Soul Sistah, –your collective– YOUR #LOVESQUAD. Remember we wear our tops with pride, but we're still humble enough to spread Love to familiar and unfamiliar, to same-sames but different...ultimately to ALL.

To suit up head over to the shop and...

Let's Love Squad up!