What's up Love Squad,

Here's a real girl changing the world through fitness.

Her unique, unapologetic style and fierce energy is contagious. She's a rule-breaker, in the nicest way possible–if there has ever been one. She has committed herself to a healthy lifestyle that is anything but ordinary. As a Fitness Model and Fitness Director in the Philippines, she explores movement in its most universal form. As a women inspiring, not only us, but those she encounter across countries, she believes that by changing the way fitness is experienced, there will be an organic growth and healthy cultural shift.



Everyone meet MC Barao

    1. Hometown: Houston, TX (hometown) currently in Brooklyn, NY
    2. Current gig/Job description: Fitness/Sportswear Model (NYC), Fitness Director (Philippine Islands)
    3. Zodiac sign: Aquarius
    4. Instagram: @mcbarao
    5. Green juice or smoothie: Green Juice in the weekdays, Smoothie in the weekends
    6. Best place in the world is: New York City for sentimental reasons. It's the place that gave me the most difficult challenges, [challenges that] I needed to grow and [help] develop[ed] my own voice, style, and vision of a healthy lifestyle.
    7. Three words that describe you: hungry, ready, and underdog
    8. What does Love mean to you: ALLY
    9. Whats your favorite thing to do: Naps :)
    10. What is your ultimate goal/dream: Travel the world for fitness
    11. The moment you knew you wanted a fitness/wellness lifestyle? When I stopped living my life according to other people's version of happiness and started finding my own. Fitness was the first thing that I added to my lifestyle that created the biggest change I was happiest about.
    12. Do you play sports? Yes! Football and Tennis
    13. If you could be anything in the world what would it be and why? Fitness/Sportswear Model (NYC), Fitness Director (Philippine Islands), bc it's the life I pursued and created for my own happiness.
    14. Before I die I want to… make sure every amazing person that believed in me feels loved and appreciated.
    15. Your post workout go to snack or fav food to make? BANANAS! 
    16. Favorite fitness gadget? JBL bluetooth headset
    17. Whats in your bag right now? a banana and a water bottle
    18. When you're tired and can't push any further what do you tell yourself? I'm worth all the effort to give myself the greatest life possible.
    19. Anything about you or what you've found on your journey that you want to share: For every 1 person that can't see the good in what we do, I promise you there will be 100s more that will have our backs, happy for our future successes, and more than willing to grow the fitness fam. Slowly creating the fitness culture shift because even baby steps can take us there. We believe the right direction is so much more important than speed ~ many are going nowhere fast #nowwatchmework #nwmw


Stay tuned for MC's upcoming events during 2016 in NYC. When you happen to be in the Philippine Islands, remember that MC helped create the very first indoor cycling studio in the country - Electric Studio, so check it out.

Big shout outs to MC for spreading her Love with our #LoveSquad! To keep up with MC check out her website.