img_7428.jpgFor a long time Resistance Bands had no place in our world. Outside of being seen as outdated,  we knew they caused tension but any other ways to use them besides bicep curls was an enigma. After some research and playing around in our office,we found the magic.

So if you're anything like us, then those stringy things that are sitting in the corner of your workout area actually can rock your world. Resistance Bands, and yup, they're actually user friendly, look weirdly like a big rubber band that could hurt if pulled the wrong way, {and they do hurt because we've done that a few times} but they're actually one of the most useful, mobile workout equipment around.

Since they're pretty basic–literally, look at them– we've created 3 exercises using these bands to sculpt your arms, specifically your triceps. After getting tired of  that flabby stuff moving anytime we wave goodbye to someone, we've decided to do something about it.

There are plenty exercises you could do with the bands to get your triceps pumped up but we narrowed it down to 3 moves we believe work and, obviously, we Love.

Disclaimer: band length determines tension– longer band easier, shorter band more difficult.

Lunging Tricep Kickbacks

Lay the band in horizontally on the floor in front of you. Place front foot in the middle of the band. Go into you a slight lung with picking up the band with the same arm as the back leg. Fingers facing your body, extend your arm to the back and return it to side, then repeat - 10 reps

Kneeling Tricep Extension

Position yourself on your knees with a resistance band under your shins. Hold the band in both hands, and raise your arms above your head, biceps aligned next to your ears. Bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle behind your head, then fully extend the arms without locking your elbows- 10 reps.

Tricep Press

Sit with your legs extended together and feet flexed.Place the band across the soles of your feet. Keep your spine straight and hinge forward at the hip, hands at either sides of the resistance band. Reach your arms back, lifting the elbows upwards with straight arms. Keep your elbows high and inhale to bend the elbows, resisting the pull of the band. Exhale extend the arms back. 5-7 reps

In order not to make this workout push-up heaven your sequences goes as follows:

  • Right Kickbacks
  •  Extensions
  • Right Press
  • Left kickback
  •  Extensions
  • Left Press

Repeat 3 sets