When your schedule is jammed pack with work, family, and personal to-dos, managing a healthy lifestyle and fitness schedule can be pretty rough. But we're here to tell you that when the balancing act gets played out, and you're ready to give something up– life obligations or workout– we're screaming don't FORGO the workout! { not that you should drop the ball in life either}img_7254.jpg

At this point you might start to feel overwhelmed and confused. All of the work you want to put towards your health has taken a back seat. You're promising yourself that you will eventually get back on track, pay attention to what you eat, and make it to the gym next week. But deep down inside you have not idea when you'll actually "get back on track" and,truth be told, most of us don't actually know what that means. We aren't trying to be debbie-downers so before you get morbid, take a deep breath and let go of the stress you're adding to your already busy life because, guess what? We're here to help.

img_7252.jpgWe found some simple solutions–actual home remedies– you can do to stay aligned with your fitness goals through it ALL. These tips are something that we found most people forget, not because they want to, but because they are forgettable. They're so simple they're almost too easy.

In a healthy lifestyle the key is in the details. Subtle changes are like calories, they add up. When you look back, those little small steps add to miles of walking. So let's lace up and walk together.

We do want to make it clear, though, that these tips are just tips. No matter how great they are they fit into a bigger picture–that's a new way of life. So while we encourage you to try, share, and leave us comments about these tips, we also encourage you to get back on the horse and start riding. Move your schedule around to make a class or two, go for a run early or late, and choose healthy options.

5 tips to support you in your busy life.

1.Talk About Being Healthy


Talking about being healthy may sound simple, almost too simple to be true, but the truth is you can talk yourself into situations the same way you can talk yourself into being healthy. Your husband, partner, buddy, kids, mom, dad, coworker, even God...are there to listen to all the things you have to say. Change your conversation by changing your mindset. Talk about making healthier choices, getting to the gym, and healthy snacks. Now we're not advising you to become a cray cray health nut who only talks about how big they are, what they should be eating, what they wish they were doing ot what others should be doing. Do should on yourself and definitely don't should on others. We encourage affirmation type of language. Committing yourself to living healthy can be empowering to not just you but others. Say things like, "Since I've changed my life I noticed that..", or "Living healthy isn't always easy but I enjoy the challenge and remain committed." We suggest you be honest about your change but also use emancipating language to offset the challenging times.


2.One Word-Water


We've all know our doctors recommend the 8 cups of water a day, but we aren't suggesting exactly that per se (no medical degree here). We aren't going against your doc, or our doc, but we're suggesting that for every meal you substitute all beverages for water. Before you say W.T.Heck...hold on a sec, you can have your morning Joe/Matcha/Tea however for any other beverage you opt for water. Keep in mind having a glass water first thing in the morning can help flush the digestive system and hydrate the body. And to those of you who need your after work glass of de-stresser or nightcap, you can do that too. Its about making water your main beverage of choice. 90% of what you guzzle should be H2O. Juices, sodas, and sweet drinks just add unnecessary calories. We dare you to try only water for 30 days and note how your skin looks and body feels. To get an extra boost, add lemon to your water. It aids digestions and detoxifies.

3. Vitamin D


Living in a city where you have all seasons, you probably still don't get enough Vitamin D–especially in the winter. Vitamin D can affect your mood and energy. If you're all of sudden feeling lethargic,especially after a good nights sleep, you might want to get your vitamin levels checked. Having little to no vitamin D will slow you down. Taking 2000 IUD of vitamin D can help kick start your energy and get you back on track (however consult a doctor first). It's super simple to take a supplement and if you can, get your butt out in the sun. Don't forget that a part of taking care of your body is making sure you're getting proper vitamins. Do a quick check in with yourself and if something feels weird head to your PCP and get it checked out.

4.Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar is super cheap and goes a long way. It not only adds great flavor to crock-pot chicken but it possesses many amazing properties that  you could be missing. Taking a shot or tablespoon of ACV will make your mornings pretty fun, and of course aid indigestion, weight loss, boost energy, banishes bad breath, helps regulate bloods sugar, and that's just to name a few. Ever feeling queasy? ACV can help settle your stomach. Try it out and see. You can also add a few drops to your water to give you some flavor especially if you took us up on that 30 day water-only challenge.


5.COLORFUL EATING shutterstock_85920403

Eat colorful and no we're not talking about candy. Although candy is everythang, its not the color to add to your diet. Think colorful things that come from the ground. Kale, Apples, Swiss Chard, Purple Cabbage, Papaya, Cauliflower – yes white is a color, are all great additions to your plate. The rawer the better. You won't like all of these but we promise you will find something you do like, something new, different, and guess what, healthy! It helps to get a diagram of what fruits, legumes, and veggies are in season and then stock up. You can even order this when you're on-the-go or out to dinner. Usually the chef will always say yes to making a vegetable medley of whatever sides that have in the kitchen or on the menu. If you have kids then adding this to their meal is 2 thumbs up.

These tips are simple, cheap, and can change your life. Sometimes we forget them. We encourage you to try these out. Some will be easier than others. Some you might not like. But the important thing is to implement at least one of these things into your routine. Of course, we are here with you for the ride so come back and tell us how you've done, what you feel, and what you did or didn't like.

Keep the conversation going. Changes come from healthy communication and we're not just talking about words.