-4In a previous post {found here}, Sunina taught us the importance of putting her mind and body at ease to achieve beauty effortlessly. She knows us at ALB jets around New York City, Workout tons, and are passionate about empowering others- hence #LOVESQUAD!

And just like us, Sunina is just as busy teaching and creating beauty content for her blog. It was so such a honor to spend a day devoted to all things beauty with her. We meditated and did a mini spa facial. Since we all are constantly on the go,  we couldn't pass up an opportunity to share this 20-minute self-care ritual with all of you.

Here's Sunina's Secret Glow-On-The-Go

Step 1: Hello Kitty Narikiri Face Mask


These were so fun. Sunina picked these up in Japan at a stopover in Narita Airport, however any mask can work just as well. Most masks contain water, soybean extracts, collagen, and other ingredients for brightening - perfect for a quick glow. Keep this on for just 15 Minutes.

Step 2: Post Mask Mist


We used Whamisa Olive Leaf Mist which served as a toner. This is one of Sunina's favorites. A spritz of this stuff while teaching, after working out, or anytime, can give your skin a hydrating boost.

Step 3: J.One Hana Cream 


These little capsules are just the right amount to give you full moisturizing coverage. It's a dramatic anti-aging cream. Use this after you pat your mist dry. Gently rub in circular motions.

Now try mediating. Head over to our last post with Sunina and try it out.