-1Sunina Young ( and I had a spa session just in time for our birthdays! (Happy Birthday Sunina!) We spent our time doing Mediation and Skincare. Sunina is an SLT instructor, Creator of Yoga Glow, and a Beauty aficionado. She enlightened me on the importance of meditating during our beauty focused spa session.

Here's a list Sunina curated of how mediating during self-care can enhance your look.

The Beauty Benefits of Meditation:

Slows Aging: When you meditate you bring energy (prana aka life) and fuller breaths into your body. It pumps more oxygen into the places that are tight and weak, it also brings a glow to your skin. You may notice after some time meditating that there is less tension in your face and you can really feel the difference when you are done. Breathing mindfully transforms the tissues and cells in your body. It brightens your complexion and makes you look and feel younger; working that natural glow from the inside out!


Builds Confidence: Meditation keeps your mood even and calm. It instantly improve your mood and helps to build self-confidence. Meditation helps you get to know your true self. {we know meditating is not always easy. So try taking a few minutes just focusing on breathing in and out. Being still and attempting to clear your mind is a great start}

Healthier Choices: When you make mediation a habit you build awareness muscle. As your meditation muscle gets stronger you are able to live in the moment creating awareness to make better and healthier choices. When we are mindlessly moving through life, we tend to make poor choices that can affect your health–health is not only wealth but beauty as well.


During your next self-care sess try to carve out 5-10 minutes to mediate.