IMG_0496 Sadie Durante is one of the hottest New York City contortionist. With her strengthen being in flexibility, silks, and Lyra, she has performed all over the world and has recently taken her talents to the studios of Cross Fit. She is a women who is not only as beautiful inside and out as her performances but who's redefining arts and fitness. There is no longer a delineation of the two as in her training, performances, and affiliation to Power Monkey blur the lines of performance art and performance fitness.

She embodies the Love Squad because when she is not practicing or taking classes she is doing demo videos, private sessions, and sharing her knowledge socially. Here is more about the women behind the silks...Sadie Durante.

  1. Full name: Sadie Durante
  2. Hometown: Portland Oregon
  3. Current gig/Job description: Aerial Fitness Instructor at Body & Pole, Gymnastics Coach at CrossFit Solace, and full time employee with Power Monkey Fitness
  4. Zodiac sign: Gemini
  5. Obsession: Movement of all kinds, CrossFit, Aerial dancing, Flexibility training, and gymnastics
  6. Instagram: @sadieann
  7. Green juice or smoothie: Green Power from terri's which is both smoothie and green juice
  8. Best place in the world is: Venice, Italy
  9. Three words that describe you: Flexi, comfy, Easy going
  10. Most embarrassing thing that happened to you: I'm not going to give that story away so easily...hahaha
  11. What does Love mean to you: Unconditional support, understanding, and trust. 
  12. Whats your favorite thing to do: Taking flexibility or aerial classes and traveling!
  13. What is your ultimate goal/dream: To expose people around the world to benefits and joys of training gymnastics and aerial fitness.  
  14. The moment you knew you wanted a fitness/wellness lifestyle? My whole life! I was always moving and dancing.  I knew I never wanted a desk job. 
  15. Do you play sports? CrossFit 
  16. If you could be anything in the world what would it be and why? This sounds corny but I wouldn't rather be doing anything else.  I love what I do!
  17. Before I die I want to…Speak 4 languages fluently.
  18. Your post workout go to snack or fav food to make? My friend Becky made me a date stuffed with coconut oil and honey as the best post/during workout snack for a great energy boost and its my favorite snack ever!
  19. Favorite workout brand? or favorite article of clothing/fitness gadget? Spotify has really been my go-to music resource because I have such a mix of music that gets me going.  It ranges from Adele to 80s classics, I love it all!  As for gear, Nike always wins my vote for best, durable, cutest, most practical and favorite work out clothes. 
  20. Whats in your bag right now? Laptop, lifting shoes, leggings, more leggings, water bottle, snacks, noise canceling headphones, and like 40 chapsticks
  21. When you're tired and can't push any further what do you tell yourself? Just keep moving.  Don't stop.  
  22. Anything about you or what you've found on your journey that you want to share: When I first did CrossFit, I hated it.  I finished my first workout and wanted to throw up and felt like I was having asthma attack all at the same time.  It was the worst.  From training consistently and pushing myself to extremes, I slowly got stronger and started to see the benefits of the work I was putting in. Five years later and I'm still no expert. But, I've achieved levels of fitness that I would have never dreamed of. I raced in a triathlon last summer and feel like I'm in the best shape of my life.  I have essentially grown out of asthma from increasing my lung capacity and its empowering to see such a drastic change.

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