Kayla-Itsines-bootcamps What's up #LoveSquad!

First, THANK YOU all for sticking with me and ALB. It's been a wonderful few months and without all of you we couldn't do what we love, at least not successfully. Cheers to many more amazing post and to some exciting news I can't wait to share about our team...coming soon. But for now let's get chat about something we all are obsessed with, FITNESS.

As the founder of ALB, I've tried plenty of workouts, diets, lifestyle changes, and healthy approaches. In the past couple of months I met a few powerhouses who saw incredible results from BBG. Not only did it empower them but it made them a part of a bigger community. Cultivating community is ALB's biggest fix, which is why we created the Love Squad– a viral community to uplift, empower, and encourage each other in mind and body.

With constant reminders of the BBG movement via posts on Instagram, I decided to submerge myself into the movement and find out the real deal behind these before and after pictures, recipes, and if I truly will get a bikini body. I must highlight while healthy lifestyle is HUGE for us, we don't promote superficial fads to encourage you to get skinner, more muscular, or to make you better than anyone. The only person we want you better than is your previous self– we promote real sustainable health and happiness. These tools are the answer to be able to uplift others in the fitness and wellness space.

Kayla Itsines and Robyn Lawley


Now with that being said, I'm on week 4 and the workouts are no joke. I've been able to do the workout at home, in the gym, or at a studio. I can use weights and steps but if I don't have them than I can use my dining room chair and heavy cans {love that} Working with what I have makes this even more enjoyable. guides-help

I know you're all waiting for the kicker, did I notice a change. Well...before I let you know that, I need to share what I have learned thus far.

During my first week, I had a little diffculty figuring out the timing but once I got it, I was drenched by the end of my 28 minutes. And I was reminded of something essential. I can get so caught up in taking tons of class. Trekking through the snow, rain, and hail, both near and far, to workout is not necessary to get an amazing workout.

On days that the commute is a deal-breaker, I can handle my business at home, or in my building's gym. The power of working out in my living room is just as effective as when I go to class. While studios/gyms offer great exercises, comradery, and a healthy atmosphere, when I don't have the time for travel, I can do it at home.

I had a BIG BREAKTHROUGH. It's obvious but with my routine I "obviously" forgot! There's power in preparing at home. Above all my take away so far this programs makes it easy to get your workout no matter where you are. No need to worry about a gym membership, feeling uncomfortable in classes, or just finding the time to go to the gym. You can do it all at home.

Lesson #1: Don't underestimate the power of working out in your own space.

Stay tuned to hear about my results...we all want to know if this program will make a difference. To know if it's true, ya'll come back now ya hear!