It's almost Summer time. Kids will be getting out of school and everyone will have the travel bug. While Summer vacations are great experiences and leave lasting memories, they can also cause us to pack on the pounds. Traveling, in general–whether for work or play–can throw a wrench in our healthy lifestyle routines. We don't have access to our favorite fresh juice spot, prepare our own meals, or can pick up our favorite healthy on-the-go dindin.

So when it comes to flying the friendly skies, preparation is key. We aren't limiting our advice to packing your own snacks, although this is something we advise. We're encouraging you to plan ahead. Mapping out restaurants, scooping out the menus, and incorporating time to pick up healthy snacks, can ward off the extra travel calories. Caloric intake can go downhill pretty fast because on vacay you try new foods, bloat from the plane, and aren't always on your own time schedule.

We have rounded out 4 tips to help you save calories when you're traveling.

First, you want to identify your essentials.  What are those items you cant' live without? What do you eat everyday? For example, early morning caffeine, midday sweet tooth cravings, late night snacks, and hydration. Then, identify you're eating routine. This will give you an idea on how to map out your trip. This plan will only take 10 minutes of your time but can save you plenty of unnecessary calories.



  1. Coffee lover? If you like it any other way than black then you should pack your own sweetener. Stevia, Agave, or Raw to-go packs can really make a difference in a pinch. Be sure that you pack enough for the length of your stay. Most places will have coffee but a healthier sweeter options is not guaranteed. Consuming sugar alternatives can save you 100's of calories and it can help you start your morning off right. If you're not a coffee lover {like some of us ALB} than we suggest you pack your own tea. Not all places carry organic, healthy teas. Doing so will save you from picking up a bottle of juice or even filling up on a breakfast sandwich. Having you're morning liquids prevents from overindulging on breakfast food, warding off extra unnecessary calories. almonds-in-a-bowl-on-wooden-table-max
  2. Pack Almonds. We love lightly salted roasted Almonds. Having a huge bag of these to carry around will help with random hunger pains. They are your savior from binging at lunch or dinner after starving all day from being busy. Remember we're not always on our own schedule so having a snack can be the solve. If you don't like Almonds then walnuts or even trail mix are great options too. Keep in mind that nuts are fatty. While they are the good fats,  consuming too many at a time could become more hurtful than helpful.  They are called a snack, so eat them accordingly- small potions throughout the day.img_7173.jpg
  3. Stick with water. We talk about water a lot because it is essential. Do you tend to pick up a soda in the airport or have a few too many cocktails or glasses of wine while waiting during your layer over? Take a step back and stop consuming unnecessary calories especially since its merely impossible to maintain your workout schedule on-the-go. Pick up water where and whenever you're thirsty. We encourage this even when you're out to lunch or dinner. Having water throughout your travels will cut down on, literally, 1000's of calories. It will also keep you hydrated and prevent random belly growls that sometimes confuse us for hunger-pains when our bodies just need water. img_7174.jpg
  4. Greens. Whether you're up for gnashing on some raw veggies or just the type to juice and go, implementing some green vegetables into your daily routine will ensure you received plenty nutrients and vitamins for the day--and of course your mom would be proud. So when you reach a restaurant for lunch or dindin make sure you opt for a serving of raw veggies, and let us be clear, having a salad–while that is a great option– isn't what we're talking about. Usually salads are mainly filled with green lettuce and that's not good enough. You need a variety. But then again if a side order raw greens isn't your mojo, just swing by any airport stand when you land or even map our a juice place on your route to pick up some green juices to store in your hotel refrigerator.  If you're going to a part of the world where none of those are an options than you can always pack a few pouches of freeze dried greens to add to your water. Whala! You're making your healthy lifestyle exactly that, a lifestyle.

So many ways to get your fix, choose yours and power up.

What's your travel secrets to cut the calories? Share in the comment section below!