Pilates isn’t just another fitness routine, it’s an opportunity to be passionate about our health and wellness. One of the best things about Pilates is that it’s not something that you have do on your own, but a form of fitness that is easily shared with others. It’s beautifully malleable, wonderfully easy to participate in and full of great people who can guide us along the way!

Seven healthy habits of Pilates pros

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You can get more out of your fitness practice by following some simple habits, habits that Pilates pros use to help focus their practice and to put emphasis where it most belongs.

Change your paradigm

For anyone who is starting a fitness routine, or even trying to keep one going, changing paradigms is an absolute essential. Fitting in a half hour or hour-long workout every day might seem impossible, but it’s probably not. Making substantive change in life is possible for everyone, but only if you look at life in a different way.

Make fitness-minded decisions

Consider yourself a fitness-minded kind of person, even if you’ve only been at it for a little while, and then act out what that kind of person would do. That might mean something as simple as choosing water instead of soda at lunch or something as major as signing up for a marathon. This is the heart of healthy habits, because those hundreds of seemingly tiny decisions you make every day are what create health.

Schedule balance

Create and follow a schedule that allow time for business, family and fitness. Pilates is centered on balance, and that balance is about so much more than muscle groups. Be careful not to overemphasize any one aspect of life to the detriment of others, not even fitness.

Break the rules (when necessary)

It’s okay not to be perfect. In fact it’s great not to be perfect! There is no such thing as being on your game 100% of the time and Pilates pros know when to break the rules in order to mix it up or create space for a break. That might mean grabbing a doughnut or trying some exercises that are completely outside of your fitness routine, but as long as you’re still keeping your eye on your goals you’ll find that breaking the rules occasionally helps you to stay on the road for the long term.

Track your progress

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Whether it’s with an app, a notebook or even just a log of pictures of yourself as your body changes, it’s critical to have some way to conceptualize your journey. We humans can have a hard time seeing anything except what’s right in front of us, so we need to track our progress in order to see those big changes and give us fuel to keep going. Make a habit of jotting down how many reps you do of an exercise, how many miles you run or what your measurements are in a central area and then take time regularly to review how you’ve been doing.

Seek out support

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No one does this alone, not even professionals. Finding a support network, be it online or at the local Pilates studio, makes success much more attainable. There are people out there who understand your journey and how to help you move forward on it. Make a habit of participating in the community that you find as much as you can, and find out how great it feels to give support as well as to receive it.

Find purpose

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There’s got to be a reason to start and continue your healthy habits, because willpower isn’t going to get anyone there. Whether it’s your children, your yearning to be in control of yourself, your love of a certain kind of exercise, your desire to avoid mistakes that you’ve seen others make in terms of health, etc., find the thing that makes you feel compelled to keep going. Pilates pros are passionate about health, though they’re motivated by a wide variety of things. Find your own motivation, then keep reminders like a picture on your phone or an object in your pocket) with you to support you when things are hard.

We are creatures of habit, and creating healthy habits like a pro is the key to wellness in all areas of life. Whatever your fitness journey is, and wherever you are on it, taking the step to change your habits can truly change your life.


Lauren McClerkin is a PMA® Certified Pilates instructor and proud mom of five beautiful children. She created the 100’s to Happiness® Challenge with the goal of bringing the healing practice of Pilates to everyone. The app is available for download on all iOS and Android devices.

Here's Lauren's Fitness Journey

It’s breathtaking the way that just one encounter can start something new in our lives, can change the course of our lives. That’s definitely been my experience in Pilates.

As the mother of five small children, my Pilates journey began at a time in my life that was personally challenging. I sought out Pilates because I knew that it was based on principles of balance and flexibility, things that I felt that I needed my body to connect with. Strength and tone for my whole body where what I was after.

I walked into that first Pilates session with the expectation of getting a good workout, but I walked out with a renewed feeling of empowerment and a longing for the next session. Pilates sparked something inside of me, a passion and strength that I didn’t even realize was there. At the same time I felt more grounded and sure of myself than ever before.

My children needed me, and in order to give them what they needed I discovered that I had to take care of me. Pilates became a place for me to make myself whole, to find energy and direction by connecting with my body and making it stronger. Truly, Pilates saved me.

An-image-of-Lauren-in-a-Pilates-pose-for-the-first-part-of-the-blog (2)

Soon I found myself signing up for an instructor training program out of Boulder, CO. It was unquestionably the right thing to do and I spent the next year digging deeper into Pilates and exploring how I could help not just myself, but so many others through this incredible movement system. What I realized is that Pilates is about more than working your body, it’s about taking your life to where you want to it to be. This is a path not only to a healthy body but also to a healthy mind.

The last decade of my life has been dedicated to helping people to find the wholeness that I found through the Pilates system. It’s become my mission to take that message to as many people as possible. Guiding people on their Pilates journey is what it’s all about.