img_7597.jpg I was born in a small town about 40 miles south of St. Louis. It’s called Crystal City. Ever heard of it? Yeah, no one else has either. After growing up small-town-style, my heart was set on something bigger, so I went to college in Chicago - which at the time was the biggest city I had ever laid eyes on. But the cold got to me so I moved to the forever-warm Los Angeles where I starting teaching / managing for a studio who also has the megaformer. The success in LA inspired me to be a partner in bringing the workout to Dallas (are you still with me on all these cities??)
Dallas was great but I was bored to tears and when you’ve tried every major US city besides NYC - it was kind of a no brainer where I needed to be next. 
I’ve been teaching on the Megaformer for over 4 years at this point. However, I would have laughed if you told me this would be my career. My plan was to be an Environmental PR world savior - three months in an office and I changed my tune realllllll fast.
I mean when you’re good, you’re good ;) It was rare to find new instructors already trained in the workout and by the time I moved to NYC my background was always in studio management with sprinkles of teacher training. My true passion was here. So as SLT started to grow, I saw an opportunity to providing feedback on instructors. That led to creating the training program and manuals. And now I manage all 80 instructors for all 10+ studios from scheduling to quality control to continued education and more. Basically if it happens on the side of the studio with machines - I’ve probably touched it.

What makes SLT the best workout is that you don’t get bored. You don’t plateau. The workout is designed to give instructors guidelines and limitations but also room for creativity. There is an endless amount of moves that can be done. I have been doing this workout for 8 years - the fact I’m not completely sick of it blows my mind. 

SLT means being Efficient. I hope that doesn’t sound dull, but really I love that you get a full body workout in such a short amount of time. Look - I love my job, I love to move and be active, but I do NOT want to workout in a gym for two hours everyday! Three classes per week and you’ll see significant results. The class is only 50 minutes. So in and out in an hour. F!ing. Genius. 


When trying to live a healthy lifestyle I appreciate the small steps and f! diets. Fact is, I’m never going to give up sugar. It’s my favorite thing in the wholeeeeee wideeeee wooooooorld *insert four year old voice* So I change the sugar to better sugar - like honey. Swap the milk chocolate for dark chocolate. Love chips? Can you trade them for a different base besides corn? Like rice or bean. The options are endless. Honest to God that's what I do? I search my favorite fat kids recipes and tack healthy to the end of it - there are so many alternative options it will blow your mind. Give yourself credit for each small step you make toward being more healthy. And for your own sanity (and your gf / bf / kid / person-who-has-to-deal-with-you-sanity) don’t do it all in one shot. If you want it to be a lifestyle, you have to be able to live it.

If you want a fierce body here's how...
Become more comfortable in your own body. Don’t roll your eyes, I really mean it. This message is what I am the most passionate about. I was never happy with my body. Not in junior high, not in high school, not college and then some, honestly it’s only shifted in the past couple years. I damaged myself physically and mentally. (and what tears me apart is I bet the majority of you nodded with relation when you read that) After several years of being in this industry I had a discovery. Everyone wants something to be different about their body. Everyone. And no matter how many changes you make, you’re probably always going to want something to be different. So if you don’t start teaching yourself how to love your body as it is in the present, you never going to be happy in the future.