Hey what's up Love Squad, it's Ally Love here!

Finding a Fitness Buddy is just as important as finding a Workout Partner. I know, I're thinking they're the same, right? While they might sound like the same thing, and in some cases they can be, they actually are different--SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT.

The difference is that your fitness buddy is most likely an avid gym goer but is also highly involved in the mind body space. They engage in the wellness community not just by eating "right" or being "healthy" but getting deeper into what it means to immerse yourself into a healthy lifestyle–so much so that you find health within your soul. I know that sounds a bit spooky but don't get weird on me just yet. Having conversations about feeling well on all levels: mind, body, and spirit, and Find new/other practices to can incorporate into your life is what you have yout FB for.

Sunina, Health and Beauty Blogger, is one my newest Fitness Buddies. We talk about everything from energy, skin care, to food, to healthy lifestyle changes. The upside of finding a FB and extending your Love Squad vocabulary is learning more about yourself, your mind body connection and however to relate/communicate on another level. I'm challenge you to go deeper in your fitness journey–to connect and support one another with affirmation, group exercises AND wellness mind-body-spirit support. Go further to connect your mind to your body then both to your spirit. Feed your body nutrients through your skin-not just your mouth, and through your communication not just your presence.


Now, you're probably wondering...

"what does all this have to do with whats I carry in my gym bag?"

Glad you asked. Preparing for the day is important. What you carry with you feeds your body and your skin represent what you think, feel, and do towards living connected.

Ally Love’s Gym Bag:

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer Ole Hendrickson Wipes Valerie Beverly Hills Eye Patches Tom’s Long Lasting Deodorant Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar Blueberry Garment Bag Inside Smarts

Sunina’s Gym Bag: Supergoop Setting Sunscreen Mist VMV Hypoallergenics Know-It-Oil Olive Leaf Mist RXBar Blueberry Nude Stix

We felt that this is sometimes something that can be so easily overlooked. Take a look at what's in your gym bag and ask yourself why. How do these things service your mind-body-sprirt, post workout? This includes {but is not limited to} face products, wipes, clothes, scents, food, and even how you pack your bag. During of our discussions, we found that what we carry to the gym/workout class is almost just as important to our health as the exercise itself.  Having essential products to put in and on your body post-workout can positively affect your health.


Sunina and I, set up a fit date in downtown NYC. We packed out favorite pre and post workout essentials, including those products that we just can't live without. Instead of just telling you about those amazing goodies we did a quick video sess to clue you in on things you might want to add to your shopping carts. Keep in mind, we wanted to keep our video short so I have included a few more products that add to the experience of a healthy life.



Emergen-C Packets:  Having these to consume on the go not only replenishes your body with electrolytes but they also pack a punch of Vitamin C. So these are a no brainier. They're light weight, small and pack-able.

Aquaphor: This medicated ointment has universal uses. Its great for dehydrated/chapped lips, feet, hands, or any body part. Its also comes in handy for post workout chaffing.

The Golden Secret: This scent can calm, balance, and harmonize your energies and those close to you.It’s refreshing aroma helps to cleanse, refresh, and strengthen the mind and body.Once your body adjusts to the synergy of the oil it can attract and entice abundance in all areas of your life.The tantric magic of this blend originated from Roman folklore, used as an attraction oil or aphrodisiac to stimulate romance. Those that respond pleasant to it are there to stay and those that aren’t should stay away.