Running this weekend? Or do you have a race coming up?

Here are 5 things you should know before you set out to compete.




  1. Most essential part of a run are the shoes you wear. Sporting something fun and colorful will only make you happy during the purchase. If  you have running shoes that don't support your stride then you could be in real big trouble. What we mean by this is that each person has a unique type of run. The angle in which your knees track, which part of the foot strikes the ground, if your arches roll in, or maybe you put all of your weight toward the outside of your foot. These are all things to know about YOUR stride. The best way to find out is to go to runner's store like Jack Rabbit or Runner's. There experts can video your run on a treadmill and provide you with a atomical analysis of what shoe would be best for you. They will suggest which type of shoe would best support your body and all its movement nuances.img_8939.jpg
  2. Running Accessories come in at #2. If you need music or water, then you want to have running accessories that provide these things without compromising your run. Our favorite is the Flip Belt. Its a waist belt that comes in different sizes and is good to store gummies, cellphones {large and small}, and any other small items you need. As for water, find a water belt that fits your style. Be sure to test all these things out before you set out for a long run. Sometimes there are things you think you need, i.e. water but what you may realize is that you can actually wait until the end of your run to hydrate. Or you're good with the water/Gatorade stops that the races have set up. Remember, different strokes for different folks–find what works for you.JAY_SULLIVAN_PHOTOGRAPHER_MG_3978
  3. Sports Bra. While we could easily say that is THE most essential item, we did put it in at #3 because not all runners need bras. If you haven't checked out our previous post of finding a great sports bra for under 50 bucks then we suggest you stop reading this post right now and go find it. But assuming you all have read it or is just now returning well informed, sports bras are a priority. A gym sports bra is different than a running sports bra, and if you run outside than there's an even bigger difference, as you will come to know. Fabric, tanks, or going shirtless all can play a role in what bra works for you and why. This comes through trial and error. What we can suggest you to do is make sure you test out all high impact bras. The bra's support level will be labeled on the tag and on most sportswear sites you use a filter to search specifically by support level. Support is key. Look for a bra that provides maximum support for high impact activities. img_8860.jpg
  4. Be prepared with Post Run Snacks. Before you hit the pavement, boil 2 eggs, make some avocado toast, or lay out ingredients for a protein shake. This avoids binge eating when you finish. You may not always experience hunger immediately after your run but that doesn't mean once you're showered you will not be.  What's most important isn't actually whether or not your hungry, but that you should feed body. This will prevent your body from using its own muscle tissue for energy and help encourage muscle synthesis.  This will also build lean muscle, replenish tiny muscle tears, and provide energy. You definitely want to consume some protein within an hour post workout.img_8549.jpg
  5. Track your progress. Download a running app, like Map My Run, to keep record of your routes, times, and mileage. This allows you to know what you need to work on, set mileage goals, and tailor your runs to a specific coarse. Having this information also keeps you motivated. Each run marks an achievement in your training.

These are our top 5 running tips. If there's something you want to share, please leave us some Love in the comment section below. We send you light for the many miles you'll track–happy running!!


photos: @prettynyc, @workoutbean, @allymisslove, @wildjay