"Essential oils are natural alternatives to today’s chemical laden products for wellness, balance, and beauty."


Essential oils are extracted from plants through steam distillation. Its then cold pressed to produce a highly concentrated, pure, potent form of the botanical. To sum it up, essential oils are all of the goodness of a plant compacted into a portable, convenient-to-use medium.

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For our oil quest we consulted expert Kristina Saravia. She is not only a member of the #LoveSquad  but she is also a Runner, Yogi, Mental Health Therapist, and Holistic Wellness Advocate. She believes that essential oils can improves your sleep, enhance your over all mood, and positively impact your daily living–including your workout.  However using any ole oils just won't cut it.


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Finding the right kind of oils is as important as finding the right type of workout. You want to search for something that is 100% pure and therapeutic grade. While many oils do state that they're both you can never be too sure since there are no market regulations.  We encourage you to find a brand that suits you. One of our favs is Young Living Oils because it features a unique Seed to Seal® . This label guarantees you're receiving the highest quality of authentic essential oils possible. According to Kristina, "this also gives you a piece of mind that the oils will not contain any other byproducts to dilute the potency." We have found that 3 or 4 drops of YL pure essential oils can be equivalent to the potency of 15-20 drops of other oils. YL also devote time and resources to improving the lives of impoverished families in Ecuador, Croatia, and Uganda, through their non-profit organization, Young Living Foundation.

Essential oils can have a variety of benefits. And you don't have to stick to working with one type essential oil. Oil mixing is a thing to. Finding the right kind of essential oil combination can do anything from helping to alleviate chronic migraines to even increase focus, and kick start weight loss. The overall idea is to replace some of your medicine cabinet and cleaning products with alternatives, like oils that are just as effective.


Here's our FIRST featured Oil

Peppermint Oil: It's invigorating scent only adds to it's versatility. Its great for keeping you alert, motivated, energized, and positive.

Here's how to use it! ●Apply peppermint oil to the back of your neck before and/or during a tough workout to feel refreshed from the cooling effect and stimulating scent. ●Add peppermint oil to your favorite lotion or apply directly to skin for a cool, tingling, revitalizing sports massage. ●To aid in waking up, apply to your head and neck and take 10 deep breaths. ●Diffuse peppermint oil by your workstation to perk up and remain focused.

Remember to get creative. Peppermint oil can also be added to body products, bath water, and even to beverages such as herbal tea to soothe an upset stomach. We love applying peppermint oil throughout the day for an instant pick-me-up!Below is a recipe for adding peppermint oil to a protein shake for a refreshing twist. Try it for yourself!

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