We've searched high and low and tried out all types of gadgets and shoes. Here are our top 3 must-haves to have on your list for this summer:

1. Quality Shoes 

As much as we love a good sports bra or leggings, great shoes are a must!  The cutest outfit will NEVER make up for the wrong pair of shoes.  The wrong pair of shoes will not only ruin your workout, they can also be dangerous and cause injury.

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So many people have raved about the Adidas Ultra Boost, and we were lucky enough to try and test the Adidas Boost shoes out for ourselves.  Let’s just say they're heavenly.  So comfortable!  These shoes 100% did not disappoint. They're a little bit on the higher side of the budget, but definitely worth every penny.

Find the Adidas Ultra Boost here.

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The Nike Free is another awesome shoe to add to the list. It's a great lightweight training shoe that can be used for both running and cross training. The thin sole is not for everyone so if you’re looking for a cushioned sole or need arch support this shoe is definitely not for you.  But, if a “natural” sole is more your style, the Nike Free delivers every time!

Find the Nike Free here.

2. Jump Rope 

Jumping rope is hands down the most underrated form of cardio!  It’s gentler on joints such as the knees and hips, but still provides a full body workout.  Sometimes running isn't everyone's number one option for cardio, so we say give jumping rope a go!

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Our personal current favorite is the Smart Rope. You can fine it here.

You can get a full body workout in 30 minutes or less.  Start small & work your way up to longer intervals – Start with 2-minute intervals, then work your way up to 5 minutes.  Intervals break time up to make workouts more manageable and less overwhelming.  It’s much easier to wrap your brain around six, 5-minute intervals as opposed to 30 minutes of continuous work.  Counting reps also makes time go quicker and is another way to gauge progress.

3. Workout/Accountability Partner

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The Pretty Little Lifters - Instagram

We're pretty self-motivated here at the #LoveSquad, but just like everyone else, we sometimes struggle to get into a consistent workout routine.  It’s understandable that life happens so having someone to encourage you and check in seems like a great idea.

If you’re struggling to find a Workout Partner, there are tons of apps available to help keep you stay on track.  Click here for a free list of our Top 5 Fitness Apps.

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