In celebration of the start of summer and beautiful, inspiring women everywhere, we took part in  #RealWomenWrinkle campaign.

Real Women Wrinkle-White

When we run, jump, dance and cuddle...we wrinkle! But, rarely do we see that on our IG feeds or splashed across the pages of our favorite magazines. Women's bodies are epic! They keep the human race let's put body shaming to rest!  This month join us and our #LoveSquad in our quest to finding comfort in our own skin, free of photoshop, editing apps or filters!

To join, post an UNEDITED image of yourself wearing your wrinkles loud and proud. By joining our campaign and using the hashtag #RealWomenWrinkle you will make a statement that of love for not only yourself but all those real women out there who live life true!

Check out all of the amazing women already on board below!

@taylorwalkerfit {Campaign Creator}





























#LoveSquad stand up and join the Movement!