Whats up, Love Squad!

As the Founder of A Love Squad, reading is one my favorite things to do. I was that kid with the weird aspiration to read all the books in the library, have my first job be at Barnes and Nobles {which never happened}, and have a library like Belle in Beauty and the Beast-I'm still working on this.

I truly believe that many things that you seek are in books. Learn from others' experiences, live vicariously through those who have walked before you and enjoy the quiet time to feed your brain.

I find that one of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur is branding. Figuring out who, what and why you are, – and what that physically looks like.

When I changed my career course, I felt lost. I knew who Ally Love the Model and Dancer was, but I didn't know who Ally Love the Fitness Blogger or TV/Live Host was. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty frustrating to not know how to package and tie yourself in a bow {some people are professional self bow tiers}

I decided to do what I do best when things get tough. I read. I read about those who did what I was trying to do, who came from similar backgrounds, who lived in big cities and who have made it to different levels of success. I researched, took notes, highlighted buzz words, reached out to contacts for help, to gather as much as I could. I paid attention to how professional hosts spoke, what they wore, what their personal websites looked like and what words they used to describe themselves.

From there I mapped out my first steps and I executed. As advised, I took classes, practiced writing and sought out contacts that knew about this new industry. I learned so much –I'm still learning– and I recognized upward mobility with my new venture.

Honestly, I'm still reading, learning and reaching for the next step. Even in this phase of my career trajectory I still don't always know what's next. And that's okay! I believe that's because what's next has not been created yet and that's what I'm here for.