“You can’t sit with us” – We’re pretty sure we owned a pink tank top with that phrase emblazoned on it when we were preteens or teenagers. We wore it not because we were aspiring girl bullies, but because Mean Girls was one hell of a funny movie… practically everyone in high school could quote the entire screenplay. However, we didn’t really think of the broader picture of what it meant to be a mean girl, or what it meant to have an entire generation of girls pursuing “Queendom”, each with their very own exclusive gaggle minions.


Tina Fey’s satirical representation of girls in America, while funny, was sadly all too true. Girl on girl hate has been ingrained in our society and in American pop culture for decades. Exclusive cliques, bullying, sabotaging one another’s success, and trampling over each other to get ahead – all these things are not just high school girl problems - grown women are equal participants as well. We have been taught that there is only room at the “top” for so many women… thus we’ve been programmed to compete with one another for those few spots, whether those spots be in the corporate world, in sports and fitness, or in our personal lives.


There is hope however… and it comes in the form of the NICE GIRL. The rise of the nice girls has been swift (see what I did there) and noticeable in the past few years. Something has clicked – it’s like we’ve finally realized that we as women are not going to get anywhere if we’re always tearing each other down. We’ve flipped a switch and turned on the light – we are each other’s best allies! The new breed of nice girl values kindness rather than cattiness, passion rather than pettiness, and community rather than competition. We’d rather band together as one fit fam, one LOVESQUAD rather than be the lone wolf or the queen bee. And while we’re on the subject of movies, didn’t the Jungle Book say, “for the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” We are better together!


From female entrepreneurs who would rather pave the way for other women than stand alone at the top, to pop icons who value their female friendships rather than give into petty competition, to workout programs like Tone It Up, Bikini Body Guide, and SoulCycle who create entire encouragement communities around their programs, all the way to US here at aLOVESQUAD where we’re creating a space that encourages women to come together through a shared interest in health and fitness – the trend is changing - INCLUSIVITY over EXCLUSIVITY ... LOVE over HATE.

We are so lucky to have been in a number of supportive girl groups over the years. We’re taking all of those core ideas of community, inspiration, and “badassery” and putting them here at aLOVESQUAD. We are homies who will always have your back, and whose brand of girl power is likely to take over the world. We couldn’t imagine life without the love and encouragement to take risks and go hard for our goals and we want that for all women! We are the group that will cheer you on and push you to new heights – we are the group that stands by the exact opposite of that popular saying, we want you to know that you CAN and will ALWAYS be able to SIT WITH US!