"I’ve been a basketball player since I was 5 years old."



Growing I played basketball year round.  That meant with all of the training and practices there was no need to worry about working out to stay in shape. Once my basketball career ended I noticed my body started to change. I wasn’t particularly happy with the changes.  Like many - I found Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide Program (BBG) through social media. I actually saw her on Twitter first, and thought who is this girl jumping in the air in her profile picture. I later learned that was called a tuck jump and it would haunt me on leg day! Kayla’s Twitter led me to her Instagram. I was instantly inspired by all the transformations of the 12 week program.




Finding BBG completely changed my outlook on fitness and motivated me to finally make a change that allowed me to be confident in my body again.

Since basketball has always been a big part of my life — I turned my experience into teaching. I'm a competitive middle school basketball coach and full time 5th grade teacher. It brings me a lot of happiness to share my passion with young girls. Just as a player, when I'm coaching at practices or games I shut everything out and I find my happy place.

My next step in life is to become a Physical Education teacher– its what I've wanted to be since college. As I continue on my fitness journey,  I can say that BBG has made me strong,  helped me find confidence, and brought me some amazing friends.


img_8862.jpg My best piece of advice for former basketball players or athletes who are struggling with their post-sports career body is:

"Be willing to WORK for it!"

Basketball training is different from being "fit for life." We all know at some time the game is going to end and we need to be prepared to still work to improve our health and bodies. Athletes are so used to their daily training in a sport that once it ends the realization of actually self discipline in fitness sets in.


So I would say to anyone who needs a little push or motivation: 1. Make the time and put in the work 2. Stay committed and focused 3. Love what you're doing!


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