What's up LoveSquad,

It's Founder Ally Love here! Before you get nervous and think we're closing the curtains, we're actually doing the opposite. We have REBRANDED! We're still the same ole G but with a new look AND a new name – ALOVESQUAD.COM. {FKA} is still going to provide the access to Fitness, Sports, Streetstyle, Beauty, and all the jazz that comes along with living a healthier life, in the most realistic way.

With so much amazing information out there that I want to share with you, I couldn’t do it all alone.  So we’ve created an incredible team to keep the good vibes flowing.  We will be bringing you the best of the best in content, collaborations, partnerships, social media {FOLLOW US @ALOVESQUAD) and marketing. Most importantly, we are a squad of people who live a Love Squad Lifestyle - not to mention one of them is a boy, which we are stoked about.


We believe that life isn't all about having a six pack or trying to look like the girls in the magazines, because you best believe "I'm the girl in the magazine and even I don't look like that in real life." Love Squad is about finding and connecting with people of all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, of all fitness journeys, and not just giving your body the treatment it deserves but your heart too. Connecting is just as important to me as when I started this is blog. We want a Love Squad to be the ultimate platform for you to communicate with each other, support each other and get green information that changes not just your life, but those around you.

So now we say Buh-Bye to Ally Love Blog, as bitter sweet as it maybe, and say a big fat HELLO to Lets continue to rock out harder and stronger together than ever before!

Also, keep your ears open {although you should probably keep your eyes open too} because to let you in on a little secret, we'll be doing a ton of events for all of you to connect in person!

A Squad that Sweats together Loves together.