Adversity, Challenger, Competitor, Hard worker, Winner, and above all {and most importantly} Champion are adjectives to describe one athlete: Serena Williams. This 22 grand slam champion just tied grand slam titles with legend women's tennis player Steffi Graf when she won her 7th Wimbledon title.

We watched Serena with amazement when she stepped out on the court, seemingly forgetting the pressure/expectation, to win a 21 unforced errors, 13 aces  game to beat fierce competitor Angelique Kerber,  7-5, 6-3– to conclude the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club of 2016.

Serena is more than a champion to us,{if that's possible but we think it is} She is a true example of what it means to be #LoveSquadStrong. Her best has continued to get better, she encourages those around them to fight hard for what they want, and she gives it her all even when she is in a "dark" place.

When describing that dark place from her 2015 US Open loss to Roberta Vinci,  “You give a lot of people hope that they could do something that’s impossible,” Serena Williams said in a scene from her recent documentary, Serena. “But hell, I couldn’t do it either.”

We don't always expect the best athletes, the weekend warriors, everyday athletes, or even us, to not fear failure, difficulties or obstacles. It would be unrealistic for us to share stories and our mission with you all only to think that happiness will be all you ever know. No such thing. Not for you, us, or the best tennis player in the world, Serena Williams.

But what we can say is that through those tough times you have power beyond your body. You have all the inspiration {whether here or wherever} to continue when the odds are against you.

“I’ve definitely had some sleepless nights,” Serena said of her recent near-misses. “...I had to start focusing on the positives and not focusing on that one loss per tournament, which really isn’t bad.”

Serena not only stands her grounds on the court but recently she has taken a stance off the court.Taking the account what has recently happened with the kills in America, she went on to say:


"To those of you involved in equality movements like Black Lives Matter, I say this: Keep it up...We’ve been through so much for so many centuries, and we shall overcome this too." 

We Love Serena because she empowers, encourages, and uplifts those around her and all of us who watch her through the lenses of her social platforms. We send our Love to her on her successes and hard-work of being a true example of a woman/person in the world of challenges.