adi_040a_day1_yoga_019.jpgWe all get to the point mid workout where we want to go home, stop, second guess, or just plain feel over it. Having brief moments of doubts is absolutely normal. There will be times of that good type of pain where you can't breathe because you've pushed yourself or when you're running and you realize you're not even half way done. This is the good stuff–the stuff that you shouldn't be alarmed about. It happens to the best of us however, what we have come to learn is that we should not HATE our workouts.

We understand that its challenging to make it to the class/gym but once you're there you should feel good about your decision. If you walk out of a studio class, gym, or finish a run and you loathed every moment of it, meaning there was not one enjoyable second or highlight to recognize, then we suggest you just stop it. If you're doing a workout that is anything less than exciting and challenging then you should stop.

That's right, we said it! Stop! Stop doing your workout.

Fitness isn't suppore to add stress to your life. Examine the workout at hand. Ask yourself the following questions: What about this workout don't you like? Why have you been doing it this long ? What are the benefits?adi_040a_day1_yoga_084.jpg

Once you've answered those questions, you'll have your answer. These questions offer insight to what you don't like which mean the opposite of your list are the things you DO like! Since workouts are like a buffet, so many to choose from, you're still in luck.


Your life is not doomed, you can still reach your fitness goals–simply might we add. Choose another workout and if you don't like change, like most people in the world, think of a new workout like starting a new grade in school. After you get past the first week you're not new anymore. You can ask the instructor, front desk clerk, or vet to help show you the ropes. Come early to the workout sess and chop it up with the someone who is able to show you the ropes.


This will get you ready before peeps show up. New stuff can be good for you– you're getting outside of your comfort zone, sticking to your fitness goals, and adding new muscle language to your repertoire.



There are enough ways to get in shape and stay healthy for everyone. So don't stick with a workout that you can't stand.

Take a look at your fitness routine and figure out if this applies to you. Do you do something you utterly hate? Why not supplement that workout for a new one where you are in a better mood–and just a heads up, you'll probably working out harder because you're in a better mental space to approach your workout.