Being young is similar to being like a rubber band. Running around without caution crashing into things, falling over, but always picking yourself up, carrying on, and, most importantly, snapping back into shape.If you've played sports throughout school then you've experienced the occasional jammed finger or twisted ankle. But during those days that fountain of youth allow recovery in a few short days and/or weeks.

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It was only until we all experienced the two head sword of father time–getting older means something totally different. Its about settling into a routine weekly exercise, whether that be playing sport, in the gym, or hitting the road, and really being careful with your body because that spandex feeling from childhood has somehow disappeared..and it could lead to one of our worse fears. That one day, you hear a snap or feel a pull – a serious injury occurs.

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The routine is disrupted. You’re forced to put the breaks on the exercises you love. This is a critical place to be. We say this because we have been there. When there's a wretch thrown into the fitness routine/goal, its SO difficult to feel good, get back on track, or figure out how to work through the injury time.

If this is something that sounds familiar to you, or if its actually your current physical state, we want to take this time to bring you back to the present. To remind you to be kind to yourself. Yes, it’s upsetting not being able to workout the way that you always have. But that was your past self and right now you need to focus on the rehabilitation in front of you.

Injury may stop you doing the exercise you love, but more often than not, there’s always SOMETHING you can do.

Take the time to seek professional medical advice in the days or weeks following your injury, but then, start to expand your horizons on the type of activity that you CAN do. More often than not, injuries are localized to one part of your body. Although this may stop you doing the activity you love, think of ways to get your heart rate up by working out other areas of your body. Ankle injury? Try an upper body or core workout. Shoulder injury? Take a spin class

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When you exercise, you release endorphins. Have you ever dreaded a workout, and then did it anyway? We're sure you felt so much better afterwards because you got a full dose of endorphins!

This is why continuing to find alternate ways to exercise is so important when you’re injured. Instead of being cooped up inside with your injury, get up, get out, and find something new to get your endorphins flowing.

You’ll feel better for it and that's exactly what we want for you!