Hey What's Up LoveSquad!

Its Ally Love here. I'm the founder of, host of the Brooklyn Nets, a Model, and Fitness Artist, who believes that we have to build each other up in order to build the life we want. I think chocolate and abs can coexist, hard–work and partying can be besties, and being beautiful is a journey not a condition/state.  With a pretty busy life it can be pretty tough to juggle it all but to this girl– who wants it all– I've figured out a personal method to the madness that works– on the inside and out.

I realized that my outside would never be absolute without my inside being free and my heart was never filled unless my mind was clear. What I mean by this is that I had to find the right combination of activities to fulfill all parts of me so that I can function at optimal level while chasing my dreams.


In order to clear my mind and connect to my heart–I mediate. I take a few minutes on my commute, in my bed, or even when while walking to think about absolutely nothing. I'm sure we've all heard about the power of mediation, and if you're anything like me, you've thought that meditation just isn't for you. However, the one thing I encourage you to consider, is that there's no right or wrong way to do it. This mental break, of literally 5-10 minutes to think of absolutely nothing, recharges me physically. It's a small exercise of control, power, and fierceness. It highlights that I control my body, my mind, my destiny. It aligns my objectives, and daily goals by striping all the nonsense away and allowing me to recognize that "being" is where the power lies, where my Love is. I always say we all have to go slow in order to go fast–this is a physical example of that.

When it comes to my fit life, I like my workouts like I like my shopping...a sample of everything. I do a different workout everyday–and sometimes I double up...but shhh don't tell anyone haha! I mean if we are doing taxi cab confessions, the reason is that not only do I get bored easily, but being physically peaked {semi exhausted} releases my creativity. I think with my soul/spirit. I know this can sound super weird but it's so true.  Working out almost everyday allows me to shed the layers of life while shedding the extra body weight. So here's a breakdown around my top 6 go-to classes that keep me fit and focused.


Nicole Winhoffer's NW Method

I was introduced to this class via equinox. I have been a member there since 2009, and I absolutely love it. Nicole started a Monday morning 9am body party at the SoHo location. Her combination of 360 moves, hip hop/trap soundtracks, and bigger than life personality didn't only make feel sexy on the inside but has really changed my body. My thigh have toned up, abs are on fleek, and in the words of drake "that butt is looking right, too."




Modo Yoga

  • Hot yoga can be overrated and just down right too much sometimes. But I believe finding a yoga studio is like finding the perfect pair of heels, its not easy but once you find them buy 2 pairs. Modo is a welcoming environment just like the studio scene from the movie Fame–hugs and kisses like you've know each other for years. The practice is inviting and applicable to all levels. It has really increased my flexibility and balance, which is essential for my running. As a baby runner now approaching my 6 half marathon within the last year and a half, Modo has also enhances my capacity to breath deeper and longer– giving you experience in moving through humidity and slowing your heart rate. Game changer.


Barre 3

  • I love the idea of feeling solid. Tightening up all the right place is exactly the result of classes at Barre 3. Not only do I leave with a full heart because their mission of "empower[ing] you to feel your best from the inside out" is so real but I feel centered and even. This is a low intensity work out that I usually do to on my rest days.


  • Running
    • Cardio and I have a love/hate relationship. I think of it like ice cream. Its taste great as long as you keep licking it but as soon as you miss a few rounds, its melts away. Running is something that I have to do to keep my body looking and feeling athletic. It can be tough to get back to it after a few weeks hiatus without feeling like you havent ran in years but this is the beauty of the sport. It teaches you how to begin again. When you fail, stop, give up, and/or let go, you always have the option to begin again. Starting over is never easy and that's just the way it is. Running humbles me, teaches me, and tests me. Once you start on a path you always have to eventually make it to your finish line.


305 Fitness

  • Did someone say party? Umm Yes! Something you must know about me is that I love to party. I love to get sweaty in the middle of the dance floor while shaking it like a Polaroid picture. Being from Miami, and reppin' Dade County, this studio holds a special place in my heart. There is nothing like a dancers body. As a former professional dancer, I can tell you {and trust me} you can't buy such leanness, strength, and stability. And, of course, its fun!


Shadow Box

  • Get mad Much? Or just want a sick waistline? That's what I get from Shadowbox. Its a major stress reliever wrapped in a waist cincher. Not to mention gives you that Vivan Banks {the original mom from Fresh Prince of Bel Air} back and deltoids. If you have no clue who that is, you have to google her, but basically you get ripped.


There are many routines, workouts, and plans that can give you the body, look, or just sweat sess you want. There are so many workouts I love but I narrowed down my top 6 workouts that will you can do in one week to hit every body part.

I'm a big advocate that fitness and health isn't about how you look but how you feel and what it does to help others. I live my life with intentions to inspire, encourage, empower, and uplift others, in everything I do. That remains true even in my daily workout.

Let's #LoveSquad up and change the world one sweat session at a time.

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