Hey Love Squad,

I got some NEWS! I recently joined the Peloton Team. Peloton is "A cycling studio. In your home. On your schedule"–allowing riders to workout remotely from home while getting the same in-studio feeling on their own schedule.

I'm a part of the “slash generation,” I strive to balance work hard while still having fun. As the Host of the Brooklyn Nets as well as a dancer, runner and tennis enthusiast, I'm all about changing how people experience fitness and I live by a Love Squad's mission to empower, uplift, and encourage everyday athletes to get after it. After some research and taking a few classes I found that the Peloton culture was more aligned with my life's mission, of make everyone feel included when it comes to fitness lifestyle, than I realized.


The connect came through one of my fitness inspos and total baddie, Robin Arzon. Peloton needed a new instructor spot filled and she thought I'd be there perfect fit {so much love to my fellow adidas athlete}. When she mentioned to me, my initial reaction was "OHHH NOOO GURLLL...I'm nobody's instructor"... and the reality was that I wasn't any good at cycling, at least I thought. I wasn't one of those soulcycle junkies, or flywheel frequents. BUT, after one of Robin's Get-Real-Girl-Get-Yo-Self-Together talks, I decided it couldn't hurt to go in for the interview.  I went into the 23rd street office and walked away from the meeting with an offer that I need to really think about.


What I learned was that these classes weren't like teaching any normal cycling clases, they was broadcasted to 1000's to 100's of thousands of bikes across the county–and the world. I would be teaching riders in Alaska while sweating in real time with riders right in the room of New York City. It basically was the perfect marriage of my hosting life with my fitness lifestyle. While all of that sounded SO aligned with my broader objectives, I still had to put some thoughts into this life-change. And to let you in on a little secret about me.....I can't make any decisions until I "work-them-out". What that means is that I left the meeting asking if I could get back to them with an answer after I took at Peloton Cycle class with this new information and perspective–sweating it out.

Long story short, I took the job. Peloton and a Love Squad is now a team. A Love Squad is bigger than I could have ever imagined just by me stepping outside of my comfort zone and going after something that just makes total sense.


I went through 5 weeks of training and now I ride to spread my Love Squad mission of inclusiveness, change, encouragement, and life-skills not to just those I can get to come out to wear their crown of sweat in New York, but I get to ride with those who have a soul of fire across the world–all because of a company like Peloton.




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