Oh my hair! We are all living a very stressful lifestyle and our hair has to be perfect for the meeting in the morning and still has to look great at night at the gym, or yoga class, right? What is the mystery behind perfect looking hair? Liz Wright from New York City knows all the secrets. When Liz isn't educating at salons around the U.S. you can find her working with clients at Muze Salon in Manhattan's Chelsea.

She enjoys a unique clientele that trusts her creative intuition allowing for inspiration to reign free with their locks. Let's find out Liz 5 tips for perfect hair.

Get at it from the inside out

Contributing to your body's well-being can have a powerful effect on your hair. Hair is a non-critical body function. Translation? If your hair isn't healthy the other processes inside you are having an even harder time. Drink water. Rest. Meditate. Eat well.

Use protection

Protecting your hair from any hot tools you're using is imperative for healthy hair. My favorite heat protectant is Trilliant from Sebastian. Not only does it guard against heat and add shine, it also shields from UV.

Less is more

Shampoo less. Shampooing too often strips your hair and scalp from the natural oils it needs. Try to get into an every other day routine instead. Take the day in between to give it a good scrub and rinse sans the shampoo.

Don't be a lobster

With cooler temperatures outdoors comes hotter showers. I know. It's getting cold out and that heat feels sooooooo good but it's also robbing your hair (and skin) of moisture. Adjust that temp a little cooler when you're about to douse your head and you'll see and feel a difference in your hair. If you can stand it from the neck down, your skin will thank you, too. Bottom line: if you're coming out of the shower looking like a lobster every day, the water is way too hot.

Be you!

Not into going darker just because it's fall? Don't do it. Dying to color your hair red? Book that consultation with your colorist. Being the biggest fan of your own look will make loads of difference in the way you carry yourself. If you're curious how you'll feel with a certain cut or color my advice is to go try on wigs. It's a quick, easy and cheap way to gauge the end result without the commitment.

Thank you Liz for your amazing tips.



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