This is a guest blog from Shanna Tyler. She is a lover of people embracing their inner self and who they are and an advocate for people nurturing their soul. Shanna is an inspiring and empowering woman and someone when look up to. We love working out with others and lift each others up. Shanna feels the same way: “We all can benefit in finding more ways to add more fun, accountability, and encouragement in our workouts, right?”

One definite way we can use motivation is by working out with a friend! There are plenty of reasons why we should hit the gym, practice in the yoga studio, or run in the park with our BFFs.

Have more fun!

A friend makes working out more fun. Staying in shape does not have to be a dreaded activity. Bringing a friend adds the fun factor. You can laugh at how incredibly hard a circuit is or when one of you loses balance in yoga class. An added benefit to having fun is you barely recognize how much you really are working your ass off.

Be accountable!

A friend helps keep you accountable. Whenever you are tempted to not go to cycling class or wake up for the gym, you have a friend you know who is going to be there. Scheduling ahead with a friend lets you know you better bring yourself because they are waiting for you. Scheduling ahead of time to meet up with a friend will make you show up and rise to the occasion. Hold true to your word! Standing up your workout partner, your friend, is not okay!

Having a soundboard!

A friend will listen to you vent. Your workout partner will know exactly what you mean when you want to quit. They will understand and listen attentively because they are going through it too. Having a soundboard for those moments you fall off track or simply get tired of your routine provides a sort of fitness therapy. We all can use an ear.

Progress ahead!

A friend lets you know your progress. Compliments are such great reminders. Who doesn’t like to hear “You look so toned” or “Your stomach is looking flatter”? A workout bff is with you throughout your transformation and lets you know when your body is looking that much better. Progress pics are awesome, but it is an even more awesome feeling to have someone tell you in person.

Look for competition!

A friend gives some friendly competition – We are naturally competitive creatures, guys. That doesn’t mean you want to aim to outrun or outdo your workout partner, but what it does mean is that you have someone you stay on track with. If you see your friend finishing up the last rep or increasing their heart rate on the elliptical, it gives you that extra push and motivation to do the same.

Through thick and thin!

Last but not least, a friend is an encouraging person, they encourage you to stay on track to reach your fitness goals.. They stick with you through thick and thin. That’s exactly what a workout BFF is. Your goals become their own goals to root for. They are your inspiration and motivation to keep working towards your fitness goals. Knowing you have someone cheering you on is encouragement in itself.

We all can use the added benefits of having a workout BFF! Striking a conversation with someone we admire in the gym or inspiring our squad to workout with us are great ways to add more workout BFFs to the list. Not only would we have friends on our fitness journeys, but also we can be that friend to encourage, motivate, and add some fun in someone else’s.

Friends who sweat together, slay together.

Let’s get it, Shanna Tyler