Get to know our founder Ally Love


The Backstory

At 9 years I was hit by a car. Life wasn't always fast pace for me, this was the moment that it all slowed down a lot. As a little girl I would always sneak out of our complex building in Miami and go knock on neighbors doors to ask for candy and it wasn't even Halloween! My mom had a hard time keeping me inside. It wasn't that I was a very active adolescent it was that I had a deep urge to go places on my own.

One day, while at a family BBQ on my way to an ice cream truck, a car drove out really fast and struck my nine year old body so hard that I flew in the air, landed on the hood of the car and rolled into the grass. I woke up to in the ambulance with an oxygen mask on; that week in the hospital will never be forgotten. I laid in the hospital bed for 7 days with a weight tied to my left leg, keeping my broken femur from healing incorrectly because the hospital didn't have a plate with screws that could fit such a young girl.

The accident left me with cracked teeth, practically no skin on my upper body and face and a broken femur to which the doctors said I wouldn't walk for a very long time and the thought of playing sports was out of the picture. However, just as much as I loved being on the go, I loved the thought of being even more determined to prove them wrong.

How I Found Fitness

I grew up to be a dancer and was accepted in the Alvin Ailey School where I received my Bachelor in Fine Arts and minor in theology. I worked with companies my senior year like Alonzo King's LINES Ballet in San Francisco, Complexions in New York and Le Grande Ballet in Canada. Dancing led me to perform with Beyonce, Pitbull, Wyclef and to land a spot as a Knicks City Dancer for the New York Knicks Basketball team.

Eventually I found running and hot yoga and that's where it all began. I started to pursue other other ways to stay healthy and in shape. The clients that I model for are very sports-centric which got me interested to explore even more workouts in the city. I fell in love with several amazing fitness studios in the city and started running half marathons, and then eventually through my new found fitness lifestyle, I created a platform called the Love Squad to uplift and empower those who are trying to get a workout in, just like me.

How I Experience Fitness

I knew how difficult it was, and is, to juggle life and fitness. Love Squad is a movement that provides information but most importantly provides encouragement to find your inner athlete so you don’t have to separate the two. Fitness and sports is a lifestyle and can be a part of any lifestyle. It’s the strong will and resilient approach to re-creating yourself everyday through sweat that makes us creators, athletes, and tastemakers. Sports and fitness is just a vessel to which you gather the tools to build the unique life you want, creatively and completely. I approach riding in class like I approach projects within any of my other careers. I want to curate an experience that is unlike anything anyone has ever felt and sweat creates room in my consciousness for that.