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Hi Love Squad! I’m Lauren, a registered dietitian, wellness and health consultant, and whole food loving enthusiast with a passion for healthy cooking and balanced living. I blog over at Whole Living Lauren, where I share my thoughts on nutrition, plant-based recipes, as well as bits and pieces of my life. I approach food with an un-diet approach focusing on whole, nourishing, and nutrient-dense food. Today I have a delicious fall-inspired recipe that I think you will absolutely love!

Chickpea & Mushroom Stuffed Acorn Squash

I consider squash to be one of the most perfect autumn foods because they are incredibly festive and versatile. This recipe is wonderful for many reasons. One reason is that while the squash is roasting in the oven the house gradually fills with savory aromas and makes you want to throw on a scarf and jump in a pile of leaves holding a pumpkin spice latte. But seriously, stuffed squash just screams fall. And I like it…a lot.


This recipe is surprisingly easy to make. If making a stuffed squash recipe seems daunting, give this one a try. I love acorn squash because it's much easier to open than many other hard squashes and incredibly tasty. And the filling in this recipe is just downright awesome. You only need to chop a few things and let them sauté away!


Acorn squash is also fabulous because of its high fiber content. A single serving of acorn squash has 9 grams of fiber! I really like pairing squash with a healthy protein source rather than another heavy source of carbohydrates. You could easily use rice or quinoa as the main ingredient of the filling, but I much prefer beans and veggies. Beans give you a higher protein content which helps nutritionally round out this meal. I would also highly suggest topping this with avocado for some healthy fat AND just because avocado makes almost everything even better. Oh, and the filling also has kale in it. That means it's extra healthy ;)

Food this good makes me so happy. I think it will make you happy, too.



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